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A Big Club Day


The Fitzroy Reserves ‘fiddled and farted’ (as my Nan would have put it) for three quarters in their game against Old Trinity. As Pop would have put it, they then got ‘fair dinkum’ in the last, and won 116–33. I liked the games of Pyers and Staples. Tauber, Nelson and Minahan continued to be prolific, and Premier Hodgeman is very solid down back.

For the main game, Turner, Bill Clayton and Green come in for Grace, Minahan and Long. Trinity had won two of their first three games, so it would be a good test of where the Roys were at.

One thing was for certain, we were going in ‘big’, and the weather was inclement. It would be interesting to see how that would pan out. I knew it was cold when I saw John Ramshaw in jeans rather than his customary three quarters.

Lazzaro found his way forward to slot our first, then Seakins found McKay on the lead for another. It was apparent that Trinity would try to play a run and spread type of game, given their size disadvantage. Hart then marked, pinched a 50, and goaled.

Lowrie was defending with dash and dare, as were his defensive partners, Ligris and Green. Wright was also prominent. The umpires were content to award penalties, and poor discipline conceded a goal through that avenue. On the stroke of quarter time, Seakins found McKay, with size, on the lead for another. 27–6 at quarter time.

It was a sloppy first ten minutes of the second, maybe we were overdoing the ball use a touch. Trinity kicked their second at around 12 minutes, then Davie goaled after a fine centering kick from Faubel. Curcio then swooped, threaded a path along the boundary and got it to Hart in the square, unselfishly, for a goal.

Ligris repelled attacks relentlessly, and Wotherspoon, Ted Clayton and Toohey were dominating the midfield. 41–13 our way at half time.

Ted Clayton then weaved one through early in the third, and great tackling pressure from Hart led to another. I remarked to my North Brunswick mate next to me that we were on path for a 10-goal victory.

You know what happens next! Trinity kicked three in a row, showing real spirit, until Turner popped up to convert. It was 5931 at the final change, kind of ok, but…

Coach Mahoney referred to Fitzroy pride among other things in his final address. It was an important factor on such a big club day.

For the opening minutes of the last, the Roys were doing their best to get Trinity back into the game, the lead cut to 16 points, with the wind favouring the eastern end at Trinity’s back.

Faubel then goaled stylishly from a free. Laird Ramshaw, solid all day, then snapped his first for the senior club off his left shoe, and was mobbed by his comrades. Great clearance work from the middle hit last quarter specialist Faubel again, and he duly converted. 78–45 at the final siren, jointly rung by some Fitzroy juniors in the stand. They clearly like the place.

As I was tidying up my notes, I noticed Brisbane Lions Chair Andrew Wellington adding his applause. He’d been sitting there watching all day. Nice.

Next week, another challenge, De La Salle at East Malvern. They spoilt our trip there last year, we should be ready and willing to make our start 5–0.

Guy Gorilla

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