Fitzroy Football Club: Great football, Great community, Great culture.

Office Bearers

FFC Directors

David Leydon
0408 998 849
Vice President & Director, Community Relations
Gabrielle Murphy
0425 709 609
Treasurer; Director, Budget and Finance
Lesley Dredge
Secretary and Director, Football Operations
Sharon Torney
0415 420 487
Director, Communications
Kasey Symons
0448 693 622
Director, Player Recruitment and Wellbeing
Michael Pickering
0419 849 662
Director, Sponsorship
Rob Olney
0413 767 907
Director, Governance
Sophie Arnold
0421 214 334
Director, Events
Emily Andersen
Director, Club Development and Membership
Corbin Stevic
Company Secretary and Administration
Bill Atherton
03 9580 6464

2023 Coaching Team

Senior Men's Coach
Travis Ronaldson
0408 604 386
Senior Women's Coach
Nathan Jumeau
0490 916 968
Coaching Director
Phil Bunn
Senior Assistant Coach (Men's)
Luke O'Connell
Men's Reserves Coach
Bernie Carter
0409 933 875
Assistant Coach (Men)
Cam Mitchell
Development Coach (Men)
Andrew Pettigrove
Specialist Coach (Men)
Andy Roberts
Assistant Coach (Women)
Cameron McKinlay
Assistant Coach (Men)
Jack Dalton
Assistant Coach (Women)
Nick Poerio
Premier Thirds Coach
Silvano Inserra
0448 990 481
Under 19s Coach
Matthew Watson
Assistant Coach (Premier Thirds)
Kane King
Head of Fitness and Conditioning
Michael Phypers

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