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ACU Partnership Extended


Fitzroy Football Club is thrilled to announce the extension of its relationship with Australian Catholic University with another three years of sponsorship for our Womens teams and Men's Under 19's team.

President Joan Eddy is delighted to see the strong relationship with ACU continue.

The opportunity for us to have such a great partnership with a major, and local to Fitzroy, tertiary education provider that provides significant benefit to a number of young people and our broader community, is really special. Our partnership with ACU goes beyond the field, with training and education opportunities for our players, ACU students and staff, and our community. It's a great relationship.

Georgia Dyer, ACU's Sport Programs Coordinator (VIC), shared her excitement at the continuation of the relationship for the university to keep playing a key role in connecting to the community.

The university values its local community and enjoys having a positive influence on the culture and landscape of each campussurrounding areas. The relationship with Fitzroy enables ACU to be a part of a club that is so ingrained within the community, and has such a broad appeal and respect, both within the sporting sector but also outside of it.

Georgia also highlighted the importance of the partnership for ACU students working towards careers in sport.

The agreement also provides our students with an Australian rules football pathway and the opportunity to become a member of a vibrant community outside of the classroom. Connecting students to these programs increases retention and course completion rates, which are both key priorities of ACU.

Fitzroy Football Club is proud to share this passion for supporting young people in achieving their goals on and off the field, particularly through showing specific support for womens football and women in football, something ACU is very committed to as the major sponsor for Fitzroy's women's teams.

We share similar values in many ways.Joan Eddy says A strong sense of care for the young people who come to our respective?Xinstitutions so to speak, is a primary value for both organisations. I think another highlight is the strong commitment we both have to women's footy and women being supported to break through the glass ceilings that still hang over so many endeavours women pursue in sport.

I think the relationship is growing all the time and I can only see it getting stronger into the future ...the sky's the limit!

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