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By Guy Gorilla

Guy Gorilla sometimes gets out of his cage, wanders through Fitzroy, the Edinburgh Gardens, Yarra Bend. He does it more so in the off season, hoping to score some footy news. Yesterday he found himself in Brunswick. 

Walking up a back lane as he is prone to do, he looked over a suburban fence, and saw a bloke in an old Fitzroy jumper. Just like the heritage jumpers advertised in the last RedRoy Mail. Practicing his moves he was. 

Guy pushed for a conversation. As he is prone to do. The Brunswickian in question was Noel Kenny, a Fitzroy supporter since his birth. Before he was spotted yesterday, he was last seen supporting Fitzroy in the 2022 semi final at Coburg against Old Haileybury. As a player Noel was a one club man, North Brunswick, starting in 1969 in the Under 14’s, played his first senior game in their inaugural year in the VAFA in 1971, and chalked up 250 games in his career. He is a Past President, and their B and F is named after his father. 

You can tell from the photos, just like a Scanlen footy card, Noel has all the moves, just like Haydn Bunton, Wally Clark, even Jim Toohey. 

To get a jumper just like Noel is wearing, maintaining the tradition but with a more modern touch, see the article Fitzroy is 140 this year and get yours today. The tops are great fashion statements and replete with history.

Guy headed east after his chance meeting with Noel, dreaming of champions past and an exciting season to come for the Roys.

As he is prone to do.

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