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By JG Gorilla

It was with high hopes that the Roy Girls headed back home to face West Brunswick on Saturday. The wind was still blowing and the weather gods were not particularly welcoming, but the crowd was large and kind, and the signs were good for a tough effort.

And tough it turned out to be. With only 18 players available at the outset, the Twos coach was hoping for an injury-free game but, unfortunately, we lost one player early on and had to endure with only 17 on the ground. Nothing daunted, the girls surrounded Jason after the game with a home-made birthday cake made with love and appreciation, even though they couldn’t gift him a few goals. Much less a winning score.

Emma Bourke worked her guts out all game. Naomi Wharton was brilliant in spite of the physical challenge of her opponent, and Steph Amy was solid at full back from start to finish.

It was an extremely tough game for the Ones too. Commanding dominance in the first quarter, the girls were only able to manage 1 goal 3 in the swirling conditions and to add insult to injury, West Brunswick kicked their only goal for the quarter after the siren rang out over the Brunswick Street Oval.

The Roys held strong in the second quarter keeping WB goalless, but didn’t trouble the scorers either. The rain swept in on the wind in the third, and our first quarter dominance reasserted itself but, again, without providing reward for effort and superior game play.

The last quarter was evenly matched but a lucky goal off the ground was a blow the Roy Girls butted off with amazing spirit and courage, scoring a goal of their own with five minutes to go. Thereafter, the intensity picked up. But in end, we just ran out of time.

Alessia Francese fought hard all day, with her voice continuing to buoy the spirits of the entire group. Lauren ‘Jacky Fowler’ Atkinson and Sarah Lynas continue their great seasons down back, pretty much completely shutting down their opponents yet again. Jaime Nelson was great in the ruck again and Amelia Lay put in another great game in middle.

Nadia Conte and Molly Tancred ended up with the scores and Robyn Randell the best-on-ground medal presented by Kaityln Ashmore after the game. Following her week up in the VFLW, Robyn’s game has gone to another level: strong on the inside and an irresistible target around the ground.

Away again next week against old combatants Old Caulfield. With our backs against the wall, hopes remain undaunted for a spirited effort. Go Roy Girls!

'Storm clouds' image: Maeve Barton

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