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Banking supporting community


The Fitzroy Football Club is fortunate to receive the financial and moral assistance of many business and community partners without whose support we would not be able to get our teams of the ground, much less run important programs that assist our players off the field.

In this financial year alone, the Clifton Hill-North Fitzroy Community Bank has given the club $10K. This crucial funding has been used to run a range of important leadership, wellbeing and respectful relationship programs under the stewardship of Director Michael Pickering with the support of the club's Player Wellbeing Committee.

On the evening of June 29, Fitzroy Directors attended Clifroy's Community Connections event at the local Terminus Hotel. The event gave us the opportunity to meet other members of the community organisations so ably supported by the bank, and to join them in expressing our gratitude in helping make our community a more vibrant and exciting place to live, work and play in.  

Coming together in this way enables the Fitzroy Football Club to strengthen our community connections so we can continue to work with the Clifroy Bank and the organisations it supports to do more and even better work together in the future.

Clifroy Branch Manager David Fielder (far right) and Partnership Manager Lee Chia (second from right) with Fitzroy Football Club Director of Sponsorship Robert Olney, Vice-President and Director of Community Relations Gabrielle Murphy, and Director of Player Wellbeing Michael Pickering at the Community Connections event

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