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D-Rock makes 200 games


As he approaches his 200th game, we engaged a club historian to discuss the Life Member and cult hero, one Daniel D-RockRyan.*

Daniel joined the Fitzroy Football Club in 1993, initially struggling to get a game in the senior team due to his light frame and being eight years old. Despite the clubs youth policy at the time, he would have to wait until 1994 to get his debut. It didnt take long until he cemented his spot in the team and the nickname, D-Rock

After impressing in the back pocket all of 1997, the offers soon came in from rival clubs. It has been said that Monash sent him an 8 year, 7 figure proposal which Daniel laughed at the sight of. After pouring his beer out all over the contract, he muttered something about staying loyal and went back to watching the cricket.

The highlight of D-Rocks career was playing in the 2012 Premier C Thirds premiership. This is also where he earned the nickname D-Rock. Given the role of an enforcer on the ground, Daniel spent the week watching highlight packages of his hero Dwayne The RockJohnstone. Channelling his inner wrestler and using the move The Rock Bottom Daniel hospitalised 12 St Kevins players, and guided the Roys to victory!

This Saturday marks the 200th game of this Club Legend; a ripper team mate, an inspirational coach and the best damn back pocket the Fitzroy has ever seen. Come help celebrate and watch D-Rock rip through the banner like he has ripped through the opposition for the last 199 games at the Fitzroy Thirds Fan Day.

* Fitzroy FC cannot verify the 'facts' of this profile, but wishes D-Rock all the best in his 200th game tomorrow - an incredible feat at any level of football.


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