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D-Squad determined


By Guy Gorilla

Toby Hudson-Bevege started his D-Squad experience with Fitzroy in 2010 in the very same spot as we stood on this balmy November evening, Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill. This time around, he's the boss, the mentor. And with Ted Clayton, Jack Hart and Donovan Toohey – his partners in crime – he’s providing valuable recent experience to the emerging newcomers.

The squad's purpose is not just to add an extra session to the weekly training profile. In Toby's words, the purpose is to build 'the core' for the next few years. He has jumped at the opportunity to give back to the club that nurtured him as a younger bloke, and is excited by the enthusiasm of his 12 younger disciples. Apostles.

Emerging defender Jock Green also referred to the core group of young blokes, committed to taking the team forward. 2021 Senior Men's Best and Fairest winner Ted Clayton sees the project as one of the key drivers of team success for 2022 season, saying that “it provides atmosphere, and it’s obvious that the young players are really invested.”

It was interesting to have a chat with one of this Gorilla's favourites Ben Levens. Ben is super fit, a great 1–2 k time-trialler, and in my mind, set for a great year. He didn't make the squads he wanted to make as a younger Fitzroy Colt, but coming out of the Colts he wanted to play senior footy as soon as he could. He did, and wants to build on it. He sees the group as young, very talented, and recognises that a lot of hard work will take the Roys a long way. Individually, he wants to solidify his spot in the side.

I know November pre-season is a long haul from an April 2022 bounce of the ball. Youth, leadership, ability, drive, 'the core', will take us there.

Guy Gorilla
On the streets of the Northern Suburbs

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