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Daylight coming in second


It’s an old saying but an apt one, because this week – for reasons not quite clear to this old football scribe – the Senior Roy Girls were fixtured to run out first in the daylight hours, with the Reserves taking to the field under lights to face old foes Beaumaris down south at Banksia Reserve.

Whatever way you look at it, both Seniors and Ressies proved the adage true, with both teams coming in clear winners and the gap for the hapless Beauy teams being so large that all anyone could see between the teams was daylight (well virtual daylight).

“It was a really good team effort consistent across the whole board,” Nathan Jumeau says of the Seniors game. “The first half was a combination of great team defence and offence.

“The backline was solid all day, the midfield worked together, and the forward line is starting to look ominously good, with Eliza James joining Jaime Nelson in playing their better games of the year.”

With Mick McFarlane back on board, the pressure was on for him to replicate Liz Olney’s pristine record from last week. And, it must be said, his Ressie charges didn’t cause him too much concern in that regard.

With the entire Seniors squad on the sidelines urging them on, the Ressies took their opportunity to play the main game under lights, treating fans and foes alike to a highly contested game, especially in the opening half, and giving the Roys plenty of chances to convert training drills to game day success.

“The game opened up in the second half and we were able to play our regular attacking style to put the game away, easily and regularly entering the 50 and converting our chances to score,” says Mick.

Christina Kelly received the coach’s plaudits for what, in his opinion, was the most impactful and dominant game we’ve seen from a Ressie Roy Girl this season. Evie Deasey also put in a great performance showing her versatility in moving forward after Jess Anticaglia sadly went down with injury and was joined in the best by Sara Guerra, Alice Becker-Scott, Pip Southey and Emma Bourke.

Our thoughts are with you Jess!

Away again next week – this time to face Old Geelong at Como Park.

JG Gorilla

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