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A turbulent cross breeze confronted players, coaches and supporters alike for the Brunswick Street Oval clash between Fitzroy Men and St Bede’s Mentone. The breeze blew from behind the grandstand to the city side; the skies were otherwise clear and blue.

There you go, I’ve given you the weather watch Bunn-style, both games were about recovery and redemption from the previous losses with St Bernard’s, prior to the long weekend.

The Two’s didn't really have much to worry about, winning 98–12. As the pundits would say, an even team performance from Bernie’s Boys. Apart from winning games, the responsibility of players is to push for senior selection. That continues to happen.

Prior to the main game, St Bede’s were 4 and 4, had troubled us in the past, and as I alluded to, the question was how the Roys would respond to the belting two weeks ago. Bill Clayton returned from Guinness country, along with Doherty, Davie, Laird Ramshaw and first gamer from the city of churches, Lewis Parker (aka Peter Parker, ‘Spiderman’). Deasey, Hart, Wright, Lambert and Seakins were out.

Megennis kicked the first after sustained forward pressure, and then Minahan, playing his 50th magically smothered a kick in, allowing Faubel to run in for an easy goal. Pyers was prominent early, tackling ferociously. He is an unorthodox but effective football package.

Spiderman found the ball a couple of times and used it nicely, hitting Ramshaw via Pyers for a curler from the pocket. Toohey was again racking them up, and goaled from near 50. He then punched it by foot from the centre to Faubel to goal.

It was 33–1 at the first break, and Coach Mahoney appeared content at the huddle. Clearly he doesn’t like anyone other than the players to hear his utterances, but I picked up “forward pressure” and “use attacking side” from his catalogue.

We dominated possession in the second but our forward entries were sloppy. Green was defending with dash, Lowrie and Ligris likewise, throw the E Dog into the mix. St Bede’s rallied to kick three goals, that’s what happens when the throttle is released. It took another long bomb from Toohey after the siren to kick our first for the quarter. Similar spot to a night time goal after the siren against the same mob a few years’ back.

It was 44–22 at the main break, comfortable, but not good enough really.

I suspect a rocket was delivered in the rooms, not that I could hear anything. Megennis kicked the opener to the second half, reprising the first. Pyers then found Toohey for his third, not that anyone was counting.

The fearless Wilson boomeranged one from the pocket, then high jigged back to the centre Irish-style, a nice blend of cultural nuance. Faubel snapped one on his left, a big improver is Charlie, hard bloke to play on at half forward. Where does he go when players warm up pre game?

It was 74–34 at three quarter. Around the huddle was an eclectic mix of Roys, Reds, Lions, Gorillas, Maroons, Cubs and Fitzroy Roosters, all there for one purpose.

The coach lamented the fact that the opposition had gone inside 30 only twice, goaling both times. He stressed the need to lower the eyes going forward. We were short up forward, ruck Roberts off with a knee banger, and structural adjustment required.

Wilson surged forward again to mark courageously and goal, Faubel again from long range, then Davie swooped on a loose one. The heat had left the game, and I must admit, my bones as well. The Gorilla Enclosure would be cosier. Toohey then slotted another after a pass from Minahan.

103–53, good enough I think, and the boys hoisted Jacob Long onto shoulders to celebrate his century. As the coach remarked post game over a Young Henry’s, “We did what we had to do.”

Next week, a journey to Monash Blues, we’ll do what we have to do again, ok!!

Guy Gorilla

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