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Fitzroy IT helps deliver new website


A passion for Fitzroy combined with some high-end expertise in web development, have helped to deliver Fitzroys new website.

Fitzroy IT Director, Tim Jenkinson, a lifetime Fitzroy fan, was motivated to help the club in a practical way to ensure that people who wanted to get memberships and order products could do so easily, given Fitzroy has fans all over Victoria and indeed Australia.

"We see supporting local small businesses, schools and clubs as a great alternative to traditional advertising. We still gain exposure for our business while delivering a valuable resource for a local organisation.

"Moving any company into the world of online sales is challenging, more so when the organisation is made up of time-poor volunteers. So we expect some growing pains. We are very confident however, that the extra effort required in the short term is going to pay dividends in the coming years. As the Fitzroy Football Club team masters the new system, the reduction in manual administration required will free them up to get on with the job of running the great footy club which they are so passionate about."

Tim and his team have worked closely with Media and Communications Director, Kate Nolan, and previous Media and Communications Director, Emily Andersen (who started the project), to ensure the site works to meet the clubs needs.

Tim and his team have been fantastic in providing ongoing support and expertise to develop the site, even as our requirements changed and the club grew Kate said.

Lucky for us Tim is a passionate Fitzroy local and gets the ethos of the club his team is also keen to see the Fitzroy family grow.

The site will make it easier for us to bring members and fans timely news about the club and it will also allow us to integrate the website and our social media channels. Most importantly members can purchase their memberships and scarves, jumpers, calendars and more online, which is a very important revenue stream for the club Kate said.

This effort has meant the club has a fresh, new site and also a major sponsor for 2016 based on the value of the work.

We also owe a huge debt of thanks to Stu Potter who has kept the old Fitzroy website up and running and maintaining the various sections over the last 10 years. It has been a challenging job using very old technology thanks Stu!

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