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Fitzroy loses opening match of 2015 season.


Fitzroy has been soundly beaten by 77 points in its' first hitout for the 2015 season to one of the favourites for this season's Premier B flag, Old Brighton Grammarians.

Fitzroy opened the game kicking with a slight breeze towards the Brunswick Street end of the ground. Despite this, the Grammarians were the first to score with a couple of quick behinds. Old Brighton in their white clash guersneys were constantly in attack in the first part of the quarter with the Fitzroy defense battling hard to stem the Grammarians shots on goal. Old Brighton kicked the first goal of the game, but was quickly countered by the Roys' Tom Cheshire who took his opportunity from a loose ball that was gathered snapped off the boot. Encouraged by the bright start, Fitzroy began to get a bit more system into their general play especially around the stadium side of the ground. Jack Parkinson and Max Elliswere battling hard in defence, constantly competing in the air and driving the ball out of the danger area in the face of constant forward forays generated by the dominant Grammarians' midfield. Fitzroy captain Daniel Bisotto took a chest mark running onto a spear pass in a rare forward foray, but unfortunately couldn't goal. In response Old Brighton ran the ball down the ground with relative ease with close to the best player on the ground, Jon Perrett finishing off by kicking Old Brighton's third goal to take a 16 point lead. Despite dominating general play, Old Brighton's inaccuracy in front of goal was keeping Fitzroy in the game. A free kick via a 25 metre penalty on the half forward flank saw Old Brighton add their fourth goal taking a 22 point lead. Fitzroy's Maxim Aiken was battling hard along the wing driving Fitzroy into attack. Late in the quarter, a long shot by the visitor's Ben Austen went through for a goal - Old Brighton's fifth. Fitzroy finally kicked their second major with a long goal on the run by Sam Baker, keeping them in touch. At quarter time, Old Brighton 5.7.37 led Fitzroy 2.1.13 by 24 points.

Despite exhortations by Fitzroy coach Michael Pickering for the defense to play tighter and show more niggle, it was the Grammarians playing tight around the ground together with cleaner ball use, putting considerable pressure on the Fitzroy midfield and forward lines. Old Brighton's full forward Daniel Anthony goaled for the visitors five minutes in, further extending their quarter-time lead. Centre half back for Old Brighton, Nick Marston added their seventh goal for the game, further extending their lead to 37 points. Old Brighton led 7.8.50 to Fitzroy's 2.1.13. Fitzroy were attempting to stem the scoring from the opposition with no one in Fitzroy's attacking half of the ground at one stage. Sheer weight of numbers saw Fitzroy repelling attack after attack but their flooding tactics meant that there was little up forward to kick to. Daniel Anthony kicked his second and Old Brighton's eighth for a 43 point lead. The Old Brighton midfield was by now well on top and they were now finding loose men in attack. A lack of close checking saw Old Brighton's ruckman Tom Skewes kick their ninth following a fumbled mark down the other end of the ground. Old Brighton added their tenth major just before half time to take a massive 57 point lead into the main break. At half time Brighton 10.10.70 led Fitzroy 2.1.13.

The Fitzroy faithful were hoping that the Roys could mount a second half come-back. Those hopes quickly faded when Old Brighton opened the third quarter scoring with a goal to Oliver Carallavo. Sam Baker finally scored a major for Fitzroy to a rare roar from the now subdued pro-Fitzroy crowd. The Grammarians added their twelfth goal shortly after. Old Brighton's Nick Marston kicked his second to further extend his team's lead to 70 points. At three quarter time Old Brighton 13.14.92 led Fitzroy 3.2.20 by 72 points.

With the game well and truly over, Fitzroy were still determined not to let the margin blow out further. It was an armwrestle for the first ten minutes of the quarter with the ball bouncing from bck line to backline. However Old Brighton's extra class was beginning to show through as the quarter wore on, slowly increasing their lead still further when Oliver Caravello kicked his second goal to further extend Old Brighton's lead. Marcel Bruin kicked his first for Brighton to extend their lead further to 85 points. A humiliating hundred point thrashing looked on the cards, but Fitzroy struck back with two late goals to Will Fentonand Dom Pound-Palmieri, the latter of which came a result of a rare free kick. Fitzroy were showing glimpses of the systematic play tyey are capable of and were beginning to make more forays into their attacking 50. Just before the final siren, Old Brighton full forward Daniel Anthony, who had caused problems all day for the shorter Fitzroy defence added his fourth goal for Old Brighton. A shot after the siren from Fitzroy's Maxim Aiken as a final gesture of defiance fell short.

Final Score: Old Brighton 16.17.113 defeated Fitzroy 5.6.36 by 77 points.

Fitzroy Goal Kickers: 2 S. Baker; 1 W. Fenton , T. Cheshire , D. Pound-Palmieri
Fitzroy Best Players: S. Baker, M. Brown, D. Pound-Palmieri, J. Dalton, T. Hudson-Beveg , D. Bisetto

Old Brighton Goal Kickers: 4 D. Anthony, 2 M. Bruin, O. Cavallaro, M. Dewar, N. Marston, 1 B. Austin, T. Skewes, L. Nicholls, D. Verney
Old Brighton Best Players: J. Perrett, B. Jakobi, L. Nicholls, M. Dewar, R. Cummin, C. Macleod

Earlier the Fitzroy Reserves lost their game by an agonising 1 point.

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