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Five (Razor) Quick Questions


Teresa (Razor) Zampaglione had a standout season in 2019 finishing second in the VAFA Premier Womens best and fairest and taking out the Elaine Findlay Perpetual Trophy as the Best and Fairest Winner for the Fitzroy-ACU Senior Women.

We checked in with Razor after her breakout season as she looks forward for 2020.

1. How are you feeling going into season 2020 after having such a successful season in 2019 personally?

Yeah Im feeling pretty pumped to get back on the field in 2020 and playing with some old and new Roy faces. Also, against new teams as womens football is moving pretty fast. I think I am most excited about footy keeping me fit and giving me a good excuse to run around in winter. The sport has always been there for me as a bit of fun so as long as that continues, Im always going to look forward to the next season./p>

2. Have you have much time to reflect on your personal achievements in 2019?

I have had zero time to reflect on 2019. I feel the season was just over yesterday and pre-season has swooped by oh too quickly. But I think I did some gentle reflection throughout the season and just set more goals as the year went on. I am just chuffed I was able to experience so much, like the Big V game, and I learnt how much you can build on your local footy and the opportunities it can open up for you./p>

3. What are you hoping to focus on in pre-season to continue to improve your game?

Definitely to get fitter and build my endurance. I feel like my speed makes up for a lot of my other mistakes in the game, so I want to make sure I can be faster for longer and that way give myself a higher mistake margin.

4. What do you think the team needs to work harder on to keep pushing for success in 2020?

Yeah it was hard year for most of the girls as we were a bit light on the wins. The thing that pushed me through and Im sure most of the team will agree, is it was always fun playing with each other despite the outcome and the fact that we never got smashed - it always felt like a level playing field. I think thats credit to our defence and midfield which was as good as any other team we played. We struggled to convert all that hard work onto the scoreboard, so my thought is to work on our forward line and also changing the mindset to have more cracks at goal and back every players skill./p>

5. How has your love of football grown over the past year?

I think the more committed I got to the sport, and the more I was willing to invest in it, the more love I got for the game. It ends up taking a good chunk of time out of the week so I wouldnt give that time up unless my heart was in it. The ability to meet so many new people and the community aspect is something I havent felt until this year. I have learnt to appreciate that and not undervalue the family you can get from a group of people just wanting to play some footy./p>

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