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G'day from Kev


By David Leydon

All Roys supporters will be pleased to know that past players Danny Wilson, Bruno Zorzi and myself paid a visit this week to the greatest legend of the Fitzroy Football Club – Kevin Murray.

Kevin was in great spirits and was very pleased to see us. There were many wonderful stories told about the old days and lots of great laughs had. We presented Kevin with a new FFC scarf and cap plus some framed photos of the Brunswick Street Oval Stand we named in his honour earlier this season.

In a really touching moment, Kevin found time to place a call through to my 85-year-old mum, Pat Leydon, while we were there. Mum had a fall in late January and has been in hospital ever since. She is one of Kevin’s biggest fans and reminded him that she saw him play his first game for the Roys at Brunswick Street Oval back in 1955. The call made her day.

Kevin is a great Fitzroy man who loves his fans. Kevin also wanted to know more about how the 2022 Fitzroy sides were travelling. He was pleased to hear that all sides are doing well and wished all players, coaches and supporters all the best for the rest of the season.

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