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Giving something back to footy


Fitzroy-ACUs new coach of the women 2 team, Simon Jackson, is pretty keen to give something back to football in a community hes been part of for 18 years.

Holistic fitness consultant and owner of Jack & Hill Fitness Studio in North Fitzroy, Simon is the latest addition to the Fitzroy coaching team for 2018 and hes already impressed by the enthusiasm of our womens squad.

What you notice is the that they are like sponges they love to ask questions and they have a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

They are particularly keen to get more in the way of skills and execution; the basics of kicking and handballing. And we also need to look at positioning and how to protect yourself on the field./p>

The former reserves coach at Old Carey and Essendon fan knows his experience in health and nutrition and getting the best out of your body will also be of benefit to the team as they think about preparation, recovery and running out games.

Whether its coaching or training, Simon says his role is about helping people, imparting knowledge built up over 20 years and inspiring and motivating people who want to get fitter and stronger.

Simon played football for 16 years, was playing Reserves Coach with Old Carey and played in three premierships with Old Carey and Old Camberwell. Last season he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach with the University of Melbourne MUGARS and has been in similar position at TAC club Sandringham Dragons.

Simon plays cricket with Edinburgh Gardens vets team and has a connection with Womens senior coach, Mick Simons, through the cricket club.

Married to Sharon and the owner of two dogs, Simon lives in Northcote and said part of the appeal of coming to the footy club was furthering his involvement in his local community.

Welcome to Fitzroy, Simon.

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