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Goal scoring blitz narrows the gap on the ladder leader


Less than one percentage point separates Fitzroy and Williamstown CYMS at the top of the Premier C ladder after the RoysSenior Mens side went on a second half rampage against a depleted St Marys Salesian last Saturday.

Weve been on the wrong side of some very small percentages over the last few seasons, but this one is very fixable.


A 12-goal final quarter was almost enough to bridge the gap, but the real test comes in the next fortnight.

Over at the small ground at Ferndale Park, there was so much action it was hard to know where to look! There was barely a player who came away empty handed and Aidan Lambert put in another eye-catching display, ducking and weaving, pulling away from packs and kicking four goals.

Setting a great example to his side, captain Julian Turner continued to push himself to the limits throughout the game, even once it was well won. He finished with three goals.

18-year-old Sunny Brazier, playing his first senior game, kicked 3 goals 6 in an eye-catching performance and also ranked in the best players.

Jack Dalton, playing in his first senior game this year to bring in some hardness and experience in the absence of Rory Angiolella and Toby Hudson-Bevege (both of whom provided nearly as much value with their advice from the sidelines), was everywhere and kicked four goals.

But some of the biggest cheers of the day were reserved for Max Ellis who was released of his fullback duties in the final quarter and went forward to kick three goals in short time and thereby more than doubling his career goal tally.

Tom ODonnell marshalling the troops down back and barely ever missing a target by foot, was best on ground and drew the praise of his coach for his seamless introduction, not only into the team, but the wider club, in his first year at Fitzroy.


The next two weeks should provide a very good test for Fitzroys men as they play Marcellin (fifth) and Williamstown CYMS (first) at home in the next fortnight. Get on down to BSO for some outstanding footy.

And please take a look at King George IIIs story this week it contains a heartfelt condolence message to his friend and a friend of Fitzroy, MOS, who passed away recently. Our to his family and friends.


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