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Julian Turner Fitzroy Senior Men's Captain's Diary: Vol 2 - Roys in isolation


Good afternoon loyal Roys supporters.

I hope everyone is as healthy and happy as can be with the situation as it is, and I thank you for all the sacrifices youve made to flatten the curve Weve played an excellent first half, but there are no trophies handed out at half time keep up the good work!

The players have been keeping connected in a variety of ways, mostly online: a rolling nomination video (started by Coach Mahoney) explaining how each of us is keeping in touch with mates, keeping fit and having a laugh is doing the rounds, and has quickly transformed to include house tours, footy trick shots, gardening tutorials and some excellent jokes.

Highlights include Jack Daltons typical charm in an entire warehouse of gym equipment, Caleb Bloomer taping teabags to a footy and kicking them to his neighbour, Aaron Tatchells cat on a leash and the Martin Deasey nudie run we were all waiting for.

Coach Karls 1-10km running challenges (dominated by Charlie Johnstone) generated plenty of interest, as has Mike Manleys king of the mountain challenging players to climb as many hills/stairs as possible. As a group we reached our first goal of Mount Everest (8,848m total elevation) just the other day.

Weve also been meeting weekly on video chat for weekly updates from the coaching group, which have produced some interesting outfits, haircuts and facial hair.

Personally, Ive been lucky enough to remain employed full time as my job in GIS can all be done from home. Im set up on the kitchen table (our only table) with a housemate, with whom Ive graciously shared playlist duties. Ive been keeping fit with various home workouts, using makeshift equipment including backpacks full of books, a rope, a dresser, a slat broken off my bed and a keyboard stand. Theres been plenty of different running sessions posted by the coaches for us to attempt, too; personally I prefer chasing a ball to chasing Will Zaghis around an athletics track, but Ive managed to keep motivating myself on a week-to-week basis.

It can be quite hard to invest time and effort when the outcome is unclear, or you dont know whether youre going to be rewarded for the work youre putting in, but if we can enjoy the journey and each others company (in groups of two, 1.5 meters apart, of course) and see that as the short term reward, then that gives us the chance to be ready for what happens medium and long term.

Like the season, there are always going to be down weeks physically and mentally thats okay whats important is doing our best to use the resources we have available and getting up one more time than were knocked down.

One of my favourite parts so far has been the jokes on our player videos, so Ill leave you with my current favourite.

Batman and Robin are in the batmobile…
Robin: "The batmobile isn't starting"
Batman: "Check the battery"
Robin: "what's a tery?"

Lets hope my next diary has some match reviews in it! Stay healthy everyone, check in on your family and friends and I look forward to seeing you at Brunswick St soon.


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