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Kevin's come home


On Saturday, 7 May 2022 we unveiled the official Kevin Murray Stand sign we will raise for all Fitzroy home games at Brunswick Street Oval to honour our club's greatest player. It was a wonderful occasion and we were thrilled to see so many people come along and celebrate with us, including some legends of our club. While Kevin was unable to make the event, he sent a beautiful message to the Fitzroy family that President David Leydon read on the day.

Kevin Murray's message to the Fitzroy Football Club community

I would like to thank the Fitzroy Football Club from the bottom of my heart for making this day one of the great honours of my football career, and indeed, of my life. I would also like to send my heartfelt thanks to the supporters who supported the club through the good times and the bad, and who also supported me during the early years of my footy career right up until the end of my playing days and beyond.

The Fitzroy Football Club was my life and it still is.

To have this grandstand named after me is a wonderful honour and so humbling at the same time, considering all the Fitzroy greats that I played with and witnessed playing here at the famous Brunswick Street Oval.

The real legends are the supporters, old and new, who came every week and stood side by side with the footy club through thick and thin. I hope that when you look at the grandstand now, and in the future, it puts a smile on your face as it does on mine and that you will remember the immense pleasure that the Fitzroy Football Club gave to so many people.

To be held in such esteem by my peers is such a great honour and I want to thank each and every one of you. I am also absolutely delighted that our beloved Fitzroy Football Club name still lives on under the stewardship of the wonderful community based club which now proudly calls this historic Brunswick Street Oval our home ground.


Players in photo from left to right: Daryl Herrod, Renato Serafini, Chris Smith, John Newnham, Matt Rendell, Colin Hobbs, Paul O'Brien, Danny Wilson, Dr. John Fraser, Rod Cobain, John Murphy, Bruno Zorzi, Colin Mahon, Daryl Stewart, Kevin Ellis.

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