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Lessons learned, questions remain


The wicked problem the Fitzroy Women’s squads face – having too many great players and not enough spots to fill – only got worse yesterday when at the midnight hour, Westbourne Grammar let us know they couldn’t field two sides and would have to forfeit their Ressies game.

If only we’d known sooner, we could’ve offered them some of our players – as we did for Coburg who share Westbourne’s problem.

This situation is a worry, not just for Fitzroy this season, but for those of our competitors with the reverse problem. Rest assured, we’re working on how best to deal with it.

The Seniors registered another great win, dominating Westbourne with an impressive final scoreline of 43–12.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing.

After a spectacular first quarter, with the midfield and back six clearly on top and Nadia Conte kicking three goals, coach Nathan Jumeau was a bit disappointed with the second.

“I think we thought the rest of the game was just going to evolve naturally from the first quarter,” he said. “It didn’t.”

Clearly Jumeau’s direction and the players’ buy in at half time did the trick, with the Roys resetting and playing the second half as they did in the first quarter. In fact keeping Westbourne scoreless for the rest of the game.

“Every member of the backline were great,” Jumeau said. “Maddie De Bondt was standout, playing her best game of senior footy at Fitzroy.

“Rucks Jaime Nelson and Sarah King were on top all day, and our midfield with Robyn Randall, Gina Bennett, Amelie Lay, Liv Brilliant and Alessia Francese all posting impressive performances.

“Down forward it was by far and away the best game we’ve had as a group, with Nadia topping off a brilliant day’s outing with four goals for the match.

Next week it’s back to Brunswick Street to face St Bedes/Mentone. Make sure you’re there to catch the fabulous Roy Girls in action.

JG Gorilla

Images courtesy Cass Blake

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