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Ligris sprints to 100 games


Its been a lightning-fast journey to 100 games for long-time Royboy Nathan LigaLigris.

The 22-year-old midfielder will reach the milestone this week at Brunswick Street Oval against Mazenod.

Liga debuted with Fitzroy Football Club in the Under 19s in 2012, after playing 63 games with the Fitzroy Junior Football Club.

Both Fitzroy coach Nick Mitchell and captain Rory Angiolella agree that Nathan has racked up his 100 games quicker than most footballers.

Nick thinks Nathans biggest achievement in football so far is the consistency of his performance so early in his playing days.

He has barely missed a game in the last six years, and the last three years have been in the senior side since graduating from the Under 19s,he says.

Finishing runner up in our 2016 best and fairest in a very talented side is also a wonderful effort. Im certain there is a senior best and fairest just around the corner if he keeps working as hard as he has been./p>

Rory is similarly impressed by what Nathan has accomplished already. His biggest achievement has been consolidating himself as a really integral part of not only the senior side, but the wider football club at such a young age,he says.

Nick says that Nathan is very coachable.Watching him grow from a quiet, skinny kid with ability, to a confident, resilient footballer who is still improving week to week with no ceiling evident has been an enjoyable experience,Nick says.

He is keen to be the best version of himself and has been very proactive working on his deficiencies, to now be able to say they are a real strength is his footy DNA./p>

Rory says that Nathan is respected for his dedication to the club. "He's always on time to training, he always puts in on the track, he comes to all the functions and is always willing to put his hand up to chip in, which is really important at a club like ours."

The club captain says he also enjoys catching snippets of Nathan's "sledging talents" on the field. "He's quite often trash talking and I always get a laugh when I hear what he is saying," Rory says.

Nick and Rory both have messages for Liga on reaching 100 games.

Congratulations Nathan,Rory says. Few players would have reached 100 games as quickly or as young. It's a real testament to your durability and work ethic on and off the field. Enjoy the day and I'm sure the boys will do everything to make sure it's a memorable one!

Congratulations Liga,Nick says. You have worked incredibly hard on your fitness and craft since I came to the club. Well done on a great first 100 games at our wonderful football club. May your next 100 games be littered with Premierships./p>

Nick and Rory emphatically agree that Liga should have no worries reaching his next milestone.

"I think hes got at least 200 left in him if thats what he desires," Nick says.

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