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MAM Vinnie(s)(c)ent - why I'm running for St V's


The wonderful staff at St Vincents Hospital have saved the life of our dear friend and passionate Fitzroy man, King George III (aka Stephen Fenton) three times! He tells us why hes taking on their fun run on 15 April.

The Religious Sisters of Charity that have worked in their Foundress Mary Aikenheads Ministries for 180 years since their Sydney arrival in 1838 have had no finer contribution to our Australian way of life than to the two mighty Public Hospitals both bearing the name St Vincents in Melbourne and Sydney. World Class but with the Charism of the RSC order to share - nay impelled by the love of Christ to give to the poor- for love- what the rich can buy for money./p>

St Vincent was given what marketing gurus now call branding rightsbecause his life story was that of help to the poor, the ill-treated, the hungry, the lame and the blind including at least forty thousand slaves amongst whom were many French and English children of his time (late 16th to mid 17th centuries). He himself had known slavery as a young man having been captured, on return to France from his studies in Spain, by pirates and sold in a Tunisian slave market.

We are told in the book of Saints that Vincent wanted to help them all and he set about it in a very sensible way. He knew that the rich people he met were not really as selfish as they seemed. They just had not thought about the way they were treating the poor. Many of them were not as happy as they seemed either. The Court life, which seemed so cheerful and splendid, was often very dull and always very empty. So Vincent went to them and pleaded the cause of the poor and the outcast and especially of the children and the slaves. No one in Frances history had thought of doing this before in the way that Vincent did it. He asked the rich and the well born for money and what was more difficult service. He got both. He got enough money to build hospitals, ransom slaves, train acolytes who would go into the countryside first in France but then abroadto all points of the compass.

There is a little walk happening on 15 April 2018. Having had my life saved three times at St Vincents I will humbly walk to honour and thank, amongst many, the magnificent Cardiologists like Professor Patricia Fox, A/ Professor Andrew Macisacc, Anna Greta, Alexander Rosalion the myriad of health professionals from anaesthetists, physiotherapists ,dieticians, psychologists , sleep and apnoea specialists, nurses who take the bloods apply the oxygen masks deliver the lifesaving medications, the catering and cleaning staff with their ever present cheerful demeanour and encouragement to get well and the administration staff existing in the ether making sure that all the boxes are ticked to make that happen, if it can, as soon as is properly possible. Many of our own ACU women players will train for their degrees in the medical, health support, nursing, business and commerce and administration fields then happily march up Victoria Parade to join the teams of their calling at St Vincents. We are currently 7th on the Fitzroy communityladder for donations towards the walk. The question is can we go higher? Donate here to our walkers or anonymously because your heart or mind compels you to do so.

By George! 111 (pictured in his favourite position behind the goals at Brunswick Street)


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