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Strangely, I find setting a course for Malvern from Fairfield awkward. It takes longer than it should, it crosses suburbs where I know no one, and this was a foggy Saturday morn. The sun broke through as we parked behind De La Salle’s club rooms in the railway station car park.

The Reserves had a very good win, challenged by a side that won the Two’s flag last year. The Roys responded well on a number of fronts, one of which was outside of their direct control. You work it out. It was 85–45 at the end, half way through the third it was only a goal the diff. Minahan was a standout, I like the future of Guy Clark, Lester is presenting and progressing well, and Staples continues to push for senior selection.

There were four changes for the main game. Both rucks McKay and Roberts out, as were Lazzaro and Curcio. Up stepped soldiers Megennis, Wilson, Pyers and Lambert. The game would be our biggest challenge yet, De La with a 3–1 record. Perfect weather, the ground ok except for a mud-pack centre.

Again, we were slow to start, but the opposition was missing easy shots. The versatile Lambert was playing out of the goal square this week, and he kicked our first. Faubel marked and goaled after a flow started by Big Bill Clayton in the ruck. De La had a couple of fast leading, sure-handed forwards, and our defence was ‘off’ for the first time this year. Except for Ligris.

Opposition sides like to play a chip and run game style against us, and we appeared vulnerable. Turner snapped a miracle goal, but then another mark and goal put De La in front on the siren, 23–20. It could have been worse.

Coach Mahoney reminded the players that communication was critical, and made the observation that we didn’t appear switched on.

Hart snapped the opener. This is a bleedingly obvious statement, but it appeared to me that as long as we had the ball in our forward half, we would trouble our opponents. Der! But they returned fire with a goal, and were outnumbering the Roys around the ball.

Hogg then intercepted a wayward defensive pass to goal, and somehow we led, 34–31 at half time. It was hard to find a consistently good Fitzroy player. Those around me remarked how fortunate we were to lead.

The mayhem started early in the third. We locked De La permanently into their back half, and the tackling was lionesque. Unfortunately, we kicked five points in a row, until Ted Clayton found Toohey at half forward for a long goal. The midfield maestros had lifted big time. Lambert then goaled after extreme pressure from Faubel.


A chain starting with Seakins at half back got it to the Lovin’ Spoonful Wotherspoon for a major, his work as a traditional rover superb. Ligris continued his New York version of the Left Shoe Shuffle. 59–33 at three quarter.

The coach reminded his players of the virtues of the pressure gauge, and to be always first in at the contest. He then praised the grunt of Hogg, who sacrificed his shoulder for a trip to the Cabrini.

The last quarter was a Roys blitzkrieg. Baker intercepted at half forward, then sly as a fox, handballed to Ligris who bombed on the run from outside 50. Baker then laid a great tackle in the pocket, and from the resultant free curled one around the corner.

Ellis E Dog had gone forward, marked, Toohey begged for half an hour for the pass – finally got it – and goaled from long range. As the sun approached the western horizon any De La heat had left the game. Ellis popped up again to goal, and the Lovin’ Spoonful intercepted shortly after for another.

Bill Clayton had rucked wonderfully, and the last quarter specialist Faubel goaled twice in the final five minutes. Truth is, he’d been good all day. You couldn’t have picked this at half time. 10 goals to 1 late goal in the second half. An excellent win.

Next week we confront Ajax somewhere south of the Yarra. Their home ground has been experiencing difficulty post Grand Prix. We aim to add to their concerns next Saturday.

Stay tuned for venue.

Guy Gorilla

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Listen and take note they did, racking up an impressive 11 goal win and maintaining an undefeated start to the 2023 season.

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