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Men's panel complete


Pre-season training has been underway for close to a month at Yarra Bend on Monday and Thursday evenings. Attendance numbers have been very satisfying, with the club’s recruitment strategy successful in luring many newcomers to the club.

There has been some turnover in coaching staff as well, and a more formal announcement on personnel will be provided in the coming weeks. The final cogs in the coaching wheel spun together this week.

Injuries caught up with Cam Mitchell, a newcomer to the club from out east in 2020. Cam’s willingness to remain involved and his canny football experience sees him appointed as an assistant with responsibility for defence. Expect hard-nosed footy smarts from Cam’s defenders. Likewise Jack Dalton, a revered and respected Fitzroy identity, finished his playing days in September, but only had to be asked once to take up responsibility for our forwards. You can bank on greater scoring output from our attacking lines, as well as a well-rounded ambition to drive the club to A Grade.

Senior Assistant with responsibility for the midfield group rests with Luke O’Connell. Luke has a fine football pedigree both as a player and coach. He has played for Banyule (when in the VAFA) and Uni Blacks, playing against Fitzroy for both clubs. Indeed, as a player he lined up against current senior coach Luke Mahoney, reserving snarls for each other on game days. Luke O’C went on to coach Uni Blacks, and has had a variety of coaching experiences, both in development roles and as senior match day maestro – a perfect fit for our developing group.

Together this trio will provide outstanding support for our AFL Victoria coach of the year.

Guy Gorilla, roaming the paddocks down opposite the golf course.


Photo: Left to right - Jack, Luke and Cam

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