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Message from the Fitzroy Football Club Board


With the grand finals fast approaching, wed like to remind all our Fitzroy players and supporters about the VAFA codes of behaviour and our expectations.

Dear Supporters, Players, Members and Friends,

It is very exciting to be heading towards senior and reserves mens finals on the back of our wonderful finals campaigns by our Thirds men and Reserves Women - so its an important opportunity to remind everyone about expected behaviour at our games.

Footy is an emotional game - thats why we play it, watch it and support it. And Fitzroy supporters and players are as passionate as they come. We are also very proud and grateful for the consistent huge turnout of supporters at our games, which has been even bigger in our finals so far.

Fitzroy is a club that prides itself on its diversity and welcoming all into the fold; we do not tolerate behaviour at our games and around the club where playing or barracking and supporting our teams involves personally targeted abuse towards players, opposition teams/supporters or umpires.

Any behaviour of an aggressive and intimidating manner, or that involves insults and call outs about a persons gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race or faith is not on. (It should be noted the VAFA released a statement during the week after an incident in one of the other finals' games, where there was a breach of the VAFA Racial and Religious policy. You can read the story here.)

This type of behaviour is also upsetting for many who have to witness it, not to mention those it is directed at. If you notice this sort of thing going on, come and find one of the club officials - we are always around, and we will respectfully but firmly respond to it. Remind your mates who are coming along to support the club what acceptable supporter behaviour looks like - and what it doesnt.

Please have a look at the VAFA Codes of Conduct that we all sign up to as players and members of a club that plays in this Association.

Dont get sucked in on or off the field and lets all be grownups … we dont want to hear from one of our people the line … he/she started it …

Good humoured and intelligent bantering and barracking is part of the fabric of sport … but there is a line that is not to be crossed.

Lets all have a fabulous remainder of our season.

Go Roys!







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