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Message from the President


Its certainly been an action-packed season. Weve reached some great highs and experienced some really challenging times but, in the end, as is our way, Fitzroy survives everything thrown at us to remain one of the strongest and most community-minded clubs in the VAFA.

And thats due not only to the determination and loyalty of our players from the Seniors, to the Reserves, the Thirds, our fabulous womens teams and the courageous U19s but to all our volunteers and supporters whove once again turned up in their droves to enjoy the spectacle and help keep our teams on the park every week.

Obviously a highlight of the season was the performance of our Women 1 team and our Thirds, both making finals. As was the amazing support from our sponsors all year and the growth in our membership numbers.

We have to acknowledge that in other areas its been a tough year.

Its fair to say in hindsight that we didnt make it easy for the Under 19s coaches, players or parents by introducing a second team and being put in the grade we were didnt make it any easier. On the other hand, its been thrilling to see so many of the U19s getting the opportunity and making their mark in the Senior side.

With the retirement of a number of our Senior players at the end of 2016, and an injury plagued 2017 for more, we have clearly been in a redevelopment phase this season. Unlike in the AFL where this means you have to endure a series of unwelcome losses, in our competition, featuring relegation, the price of development can be dramatic. And weve learnt the harsh lesson that you cant leave your fate in the hands of other teams.

That said, weve enjoyed some spectacular wins against the odds over the journey and experienced some dogged courageous performances where we boys fell just short. Overall, we have been proud of the effort and can clearly see a great future for this young team, with its spine of older and more experienced players, as it develops into 2018 and were with them all the way.

As a Board were about to go into a strategic planning process to set the path for the next few years. Well be looking for some key off field, as well as on field staff and attracting more great volunteers to help run the club run. So put your hand up if youre keen!

Well again be seeking a Coaching Director to help put a solid support structure around our coaches and help guide the Fitzroy football style.

This week we have also begun the recruitment process for the Senior Coach.

What we should never lose sight of is everything that makes our club great. At our core we are a proud and loyal football family playing an important role in our community.

Id like to say thank you to everyone whos been involved with the Club this year. Youve all played your part and we couldnt have done it without you.

If you havent already done so, check out our new video. As it says:

Great football. Great community. Great culture.

Joan Eddy
President, Fitzroy Football Club (inc the Fitzroy Reds)

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