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Notice of the 136th FFC Annual General Meeting


The 136th AGM will be held at the The Community Room at the Fitzroy Football Club Grandstand, Brunswick St. Nth Fitzroy on Sunday 28th February 2021 at 2:30 pm.

Please read the below information closely if you plan to attend this year's AGM as there is much to consider due to strict COVID-19 protocols.

1. The Confirmation of Minutes:
Confirmation of the Minutes of the 135th Annual general Meeting held on Sunday 1st December 2019.

2. To Receive Reports:
To receive the report of the Directors for season 2020 and the Treasurers Financial Report for the year ended 31st October 2020.

3. To Re-elect Directors:
In accordance with Article 104 of the Articles of Association, Ms Sharon Torney and Ms Gabrielle Murphy retire. Both directors being eligible, offer themselves for re-election to the Board.

4. To elect Honorary Life Members:
In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Articles of Association, the following member has been recommended by the Board of Management for election as an Honorary Life Member of the Club:

Messrs Trent Coleman and Jack Dalton.

5. General Business as permitted by the Chair by Order of the Board.

W.L Atherton and Ms Sharon Torney
Co Company Secretaries

Appointment of Proxies:

  1. A shareholder member may appoint not more than two proxies, neither of who need to be a member of the Club. Any other member may appoint one proxy who need not be a member of the Club. If a member appoints one proxy only, that proxy shall be entitled to vote on a show of hands. Where a shareholder member appoints two or more proxies, the appointment shall be of no effect unless each proxy is appointed to represent a specified proportion of the members voting rights.
  2. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointer or his attorney duly authorised in writing, or if the appointer is a corporation either under seal or under the hand of an officer or attorney duly authorised.
  3. A proxy need not be a member
  4. Forms of proxy must be lodged with the Secretary 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  5. To download the proxy form, click here and email to


This year we are holding the AGM under COVID Safe Guidelines as required by the City of Yarra and the Victorian State Government.

This means we have limited capacity for a maximum of 55 members, (excluding Directors) to attend. Everyone will need to follow the guidelines AND RSVP if you would like to attend.

The restrictions also mean we will NOT be hosting the normal afternoon tea following the meeting. We do invite members to join us in the Fitzroy Victoria Bowls and Sports Club for refreshments after the meeting. You must sign into the Bowls Club using their QR code; if you do not have a mobile phone, the Bowls Club allows for one additional person to be added for each mobile sign in, so ask a friend!

  • You must carry a face mask with you at all times when you leave home.
  • Wearing a face mask is strongly recommended when you cant keep 1.5 metres distance from other people.
  • Everyone attending will need to sign in using the Councils QR code at the Community Room on the day. Directors can help you with this if you dont have a mobile phone.
  • To help us operate in line with the restrictions, we need you to RSVP in order to attend the AGM. Please RSVP to or call Bill Atherton on 9580 6464 during business hours , no later than Thursday 25th February 2021.
  • If you cannot attend, we will publish a story outlining the years results and highlights on the website in the next few days following the meeting.
  • Information may change due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Information of any changes will be communicated via email and published on the club website.


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