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Opportunity knocks


We have a brand new correspondent for season 2019! Guy Gorilla sets the scene for the return to B Grade, a clash with Old Scotch and the opportunity that awaits a refreshed mens senior squad.

Season 2019 kicks off for our 2018 flag-winning men with a trip to Camberwell and a clash with Old Scotch, freshly relegated from A grade. It represents a huge challenge for the Royboys, and a great rallying-point for players, coaches and the club in general.

No point dwelling on the turnover of players-this happens in every walk of life. The reality is that huge opportunity now confronts those ready for the challenge.

Captain Turner and Coach Mahoney echoed these sentiments at the season launch last Saturday at the Bowling Club. Julian referred to the need to attack and embrace the season, and in refusing to let the season run on auto-pilot. Luke was realistic in his appraisal that the season will be harder, but that if we maintain our brand and culture, results will come our way.
Acknowledging the irreplaceability of experience, he is excited about the skill and size of the younger core. He is encouraging this group to embrace the possibility of senior football. Three Under 19s played in last years senior flag. Boys can become men in the blink of an eye.

Theres a list of likeliesready for senior selection. Mike (Rocky) Humphries and Byron Bushby have fitted in seamlessly down a Brunswick Street. Welcome to the Roys, boys. Will Symons and Emile Pavlich have returned, demonstrating the feel-good factor of the club. Theres a swap of the Baker Boys, Luke for Sam, bringing overhead and conversion skills to the fore. Jimmy Butler, Sean SnakeLaidlaw, Mitch Bottomley and Martin Deasey have all shown good pre-season form. Rory Patterson is blossoming from the 19s. Harrison Grace has been the standout in the praccies, having debuted in the seniors last year. From my position in the stand against Marcellin, I noticed Gaiter, Toby H-B, Max StringDavie and Jack Hart looking on, soon to be included in the mix.

The Reserves played with their customary adherence to game plan, run and carry, hit the tackle, win the game. Opportunity awaits these boys too. Never leave the aspiration to senior selection in the back of your mind it should be a key reason you play. Likewise, the Under 19s and the new Under 23s side, making their Fitzroy debut at Ramsden St tomorrow. Its hard to mention individuals from the twos game, such has been the turnover. Names will emerge in the coming weeks.

Lets all get to Camberwell this week with winning intent. Set the season up for the opportunity we have.

Guy Gorilla

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