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Perfect Setting


When a fabulous shot of former Fitzroy players was recently posted online, another Phyllis Quealy special immediately sprung to mind.

Fitzroy Football Club VFL And AFL 1883996 is a Facebook page that commemorates and celebrates the Roys of old. This recent post was taken back in the day on the steps of the Brunswick Street grandstand, where the famous FFC plays to this day.

The times have changed but the spirit is well and truly alive.

Fitzroy forever. Forever Fitzroy. 

Roy Boys of old (from left to right at back): Tom Kavanagh (son of Brent Crosswell and a deadest cross between modern Roy boys Ezra Darby and Nathan Jameau), the great Bernie Quinlan, Doug Hawkins (star recruit). And in front (left to right): Captain Courageous Brad Boyd and James Manson (another star recruit).

Modern day heroes (left to right back): Jacob Long, Aiden Burke, Will Symons. And in front: Eddie Harley, Ted Clayton and Nino Lazzaro.




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