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Rainbow laces with a special message from the Fitzroy family


If you see some of our players running around with rainbow coloured laces this weekend, its because they have put their support behind a campaign called Lace Up for the Love of Sport, which is designed to raise awareness of LGBTI prejudice in sport.

Fitzroy-ACU player Loz Field brought the campaign (sponsored by sports clothing manufacturer Skins) to the attention of the club and encouraged her team and club mates to get behind it.

The Womens 1 player said she was motivated to get the Fitzroy family behind the day. I guess as a friend of the LGBTI community I thought it was important to make sure everyone feels welcome and included,Loz said.

In this day and age, prejudice in sport is just not acceptable and the rainbow laces allow us to show our support and not only what the Roygirl spirit is but what the whole Fitzroy football club and community does in having a very inclusive and welcoming feel for everyone.

So let's rise up and lace up in support of the LGBTI community and show everyone just how great the Fitzroy family is./p>

The player-led initiative, which is supported by a number of high profile sports teams from around Australia, also received the support of the Fitzroy Board which agreed all players across all teams could wear the laces in Round 1 in support of the cause.


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