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Recreational Dad, Al Green, hangs up the boots


When season 2017 rolls around, it will not only be the rockof the backline that Fitzroy will miss in Al Greens absence, its also a great judge and sounding board for the clubs leaders, according to Co-captain Daniel Bisetto.

After 61 senior game, the number 12 has called time on his Fitzroy playing days to spend more time with his beautiful family Jess, Townes and Willow and other commitments.

I dont know where to start.* Hes just such a lovely man Daniel said. (*It should be noted the co-captain certainly warmed to the task of talking about his mate Alister, as you will see below!)

We started with Fitzroy in the same year and playing alongside Al for the past four years has been one of the highlights for me, both on and off field.

Als been great for the leaders in the club as a sounding board; he sits back and observes everything thats going on and he makes really good judgements. As a family man and a bit older he just has more life experience and I know Im not the only one who appreciates that./p>

Daniel takes up the story from his first encounter with Al….

His first year at Fitzroy was also my first year (2013). He wandered on down to the club like a lost puppy dog about half way through the pre-season in some loose fitting jeans, all-terrain shoes and sporting a laid-back attitude. Upon arrival, a few of the guys thought that one of the Under 19s had brought their Dad to training for some extra fitness. This quickly earned Al the nickname 'recreational dad'. However, his first game was a sight to behold. The image of Alister as an old codger hanging onto his youth vanished very quickly.

In my opinion, he has been one of the most important players for the club over the last four seasons. He is extremely cool under pressure, and has regularly embarrassed some of the league's best forwards.

I've also found great pleasure in watching the footage of every game, because somewhere in the background, on the edge of the frame, Al is always hobbling around like a prima donna.

He's one of, if not the most respected players at the club. I personally look up to Al, as do many of the younger guys. However, behind the squeaky-clean father facade, there is still a country lad who loves to play a cruel joke on many of the guys.

I think Al's retirement will impact a lot of us. But in particular, I worry about Matt Brown. It has been particularly special to witness their romance blossom over the last four years. Next year, Browny may wander around BSO like a baby bear without a father figure.

I also don't believe he has ever played in a seniors final. Someone of Al's footballing calibre is built for a finals atmosphere, and it's another reason why the result on Saturday was so disappointing. It would have been an amazing experience to run out alongside such a great man and throw everything at Old Scotch,Daniel said.

As everyone is aware, Al has been flirting with the idea of retirement for some time now. But just a few weeks ago, after the Beaumaris win, I caught him showering in speedos. This was definitely a sign that the modern game has left a seasoned veteran in its wake.

I really hope Al and his beautiful family stay involved in the Fitzroy Football community. I think many would agree that our club has been very lucky to have had the number 12 grace the BSO over the last four years.

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