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Redders legend turns 88!


Val Allpress became the first woman Secretary of the Melbourne University Football Club in 1978. 

She developed a soft spot for the Reds, and became one of our most ardent supporters following her eight-year stint as Secretary of MUFC, the governing body of the three Uni clubs as it was then, Reds, Blacks and Blues. 

For the last 35 years or so, Val's growl of "Go Redders” could be heard from the sidelines of our games, and no one was more thrilled (or more financially supportive) than Val when Fitzroy established a women’s side in 2015.

Val moved into Aged Care in mid 2022, and is no longer able to get to many games, but loves to be kept up to date with what's happening at the club. 

She is a life member of MUFC and Fitzroy, and was joined in celebrating her 88th birthday by fellow Fitzroy life members, Wendy Symonds, Michael Smale and Joan Eddy.

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