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Roy Girls keep rolling along


Continued to be dogged by the thorny problem of having too many talented players to call on (and let's face it, some clubs would kill for that to be their primary challenge), the Roys women’s squads headed to the wilds of far eastern Melbourne to continue their winning ways in Season 2024.

And win again they did. Spectacularly. For the seniors, that meant more than doubling Aquinas’ score, and the Ressie’s keeping their hapless opponents to no score at all.

In a highly congested game, the Twos spread well and effectively to open the game up, with many first gamers contributing to the win.

“It was fantastic to see skills and tactics translating from training to game day,” says Mick McFarlane in his second successful outing standing in for coach Gemma Minuz whose cousin and foundation teammate Jess ‘Lenny’ Hayes contributed strategic nous and team knowledge.

In their debuts for the Roys, the eponymous Liv Brilliant was joined by other first gamers Gemma Murphy, Sarah Shaughnessy and Alice Becker-Scott in attracting best on ground honours, with older timers Naomi Wharton and Evie Deasey leading the charge on behalf of the more experienced cohort.

Debutants (from left to right) Rhiannon Fraiia, Sam Rose, Sarah Shaunnesy, Gemma Murphy, Olivia Brilliant and Sheena Moody

As we always say, Fitzroy’s a family and this was exemplified when Irish recruits Gemma Murphy and Sarah Shaunnesy got the call up to play their first game for the Roys in the slipstream of sister Elaine, who’s been sadly sidelined through injury.

Slow to start, the senior squad took a quarter to really get going. “But once we did, we were able to put a lot of scoreboard pressure on,” said coach Nathan Jameau, “and to outscore them 9.8 to 2.1 after quarter time was amazing.

“Tess Young played really well, the midfield was great as a whole, and Esther Boles and Mia Sutherland were superb in in the forward line.

It’s back to Brunswick Street next Saturday to face old rivals Williamstown CYMS. The hopes will be high, the crowd will be huge, and it’d be remiss of us not to get down to the great old ground to see these Roy Girls continue on their winning ways.

JG Gorilla

Images courtesy Liz Olney

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