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A cavalcade of late model Fitzroy convertibles ventured north along Plenty or Yan Yean to take on Old Ivanhoe in our final practice games. El Suavo Sylv tells me his Third’s side is meeting all development expectations, while the Two’s under Bernie Carter had a 90-point victory. Very slick ball movement, even as the band Even, and confident in their numbers.

It is an intriguing mix of personalities in the Twos. Some young blokes like Johnson, Lester, Levens, Bombardieri, Read, Winstanley, Tassie recruits Hodgeman and Savage, Holmes and Solomon from somewhere else, Fitzroy diehards like Deasey, Sugre and Zaghis. And One’s contenders in Davie, Doherty, Laidlaw, Lazzaro. And a bloke from the States, De Pina. He has taken to the game and the club like a wood duck in Edinburgh Gardens.

The games were played at Mernda, sometimes called North Ivanhoe, or South Sydney by Cousin Garry. Wintry conditions prevailed, and a small ground.

Fitzroy was a much bigger side, and to a large degree the coaching panel is still working out how that will happen. Do we go with the bigger targets, play a more direct brand, but run the risk of the ball waltzing out of the forward line once it hits the ground? The game started with the Roys dominating the air, but by half time Old Ivanhoe, expected to be high level C Grade, was much quicker across the ground. They led by three goals at half time.

Our second half provided much a more competitive streak at ground level, while maintaining aerial dominance. In the end we were one-point winners after a double goal. And the game itself provided an exercise in coming from behind, getting a lead, and protecting it. The coaches thus have plenty to work with.

Obviously there are no games over the Easter break, round 1 sees us confront Monash Blues at Brunswick Street on Saturday 15 April. A must! I sense a beautiful autumnal air, a cosy seat in the grandstand, keen contests on the ground ending with Roys victories, the song, the sensuous aroma of barbies burgering, genuine bonhomie. See you there.

Guy Gorilla.

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