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There were stacks of trendoids about when I arrived at Vic Park for our practice match sessions against recently promoted to A Grade Uni Blacks. Apparently it was a new festival in the city of festivals, down the Vic Park end of Johnston Street. I got a park in my disabled spot anyway, right out front.

The Two’s were right on the money, much better run, higher skill level, and rumour has it they kept the oppo goalless. Coach Bernie Carter was very happy with the team’s ball movement, something they had been concentrating on. There are four, five, maybe six blokes in the Two’s who will contend for senior selection. My advice? Contend!

I caught Nino Lazzaro for a conversation in between games. Clearly, Nino is a senior starter, a senior star. He is coming back from pre-season surgery, but early I noticed a steely stare in his eyes. I sensed Nino had something to prove. On reflection, he noted that he’d had a couple of disruptive years: that pandemic thing, a series of head knocks, and the Fitzroy wanderer’s urge. He’s looking forward to maybe playing in defence this year, despite his prolific forward creativity. He confirmed that this pre season is the best he’d been involved with at the club. Heaps of numbers, new recruits, and a vibe about moving forward. I look forward to Nino leaping and bounding. He’s my smoky.

The game itself served its purpose. A strong, competitive hit out against an A Grade side. The difference between the two sides was in the finishing. We were sloppy in disposal, especially by foot, often over kicking, missing targets. I reckon there is a transition issue in game style – we need to be more proficient in converting opportunities and hitting targets. The ball is too hard to win without giving it away.

I liked the work of graceful 6’ 5” Harrison Grace, despite his wastefulness in front of the big sticks. Laird Ramshaw ran around with the big boys for the first time, and is comfortably settled, Hunter Staples is an effective win, run and receive Fitzroy tyro. Luke Baker fills me full of hope and I like Jack Hart in defence, always have, despite his work ethic up forward. We’ll be alright I reckon.

Next Saturday, out Mernda way, against Old Ivanhoe. And the season launch at the Bowling Club after. Be there after the Plenty Road shuffle. I’ll have one with you.

Guy Gorilla

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