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Scores are tied!


By all accounts it was a cracking affair down at Beaumaris on Saturday with Fitzroy and the home side locked at 82 points each on the final siren.

Some would argue we should have won, some would say Beaumaris had many more shots on goal. It all depends on your perspective (and no doubt the passion for your team).

Writing for The Footy Almanac, Fitzroys own no 45 Nick Marshall said the Roys up-and-coming players showed both the immediate and long term future of the Fitzroy Football Club is blindingly bright. Read his account here.

The unstoppable Phil Hill wrote he doesnt have the command of the English language to do the game justice, but we think he protests too much! Phil said every player in the Fitzroy jumper deserved a mention and showed it is the size of our hearts that matter (at all times probably, but certainly in the absence of some of our taller players). Have a read of Phils story here.

Nick also marked the anniversary of Fitzroys last AFL game, with his recollections of Fitzroys last game in Melbourne against Richmond; the same day he attended his first AFL game at the MCG in 1996. Incredibly on the same anniversary weekend, as if to demonstrate footballs circle of life, he took his nephew to his first AFL game between Melbourne and Brisbane last weekend.

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