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Show your Pride! Our inaugural Pride supporter guernseys are now available for pre order!


In 2021, our Senior and Reserves Women's teams will play in our first ever Pride game against Melbourne University Women's Football Club on May 2nd.

Be sure to save the date and stay tuned for some special events which will be announced very soon!

We are so excited and proud that our Women's teams will be wearing a custom designed Pride guernsey for the first time in our club's history. This was made possible from funding from a Change Our Game Community Activation Grant and one talented designer in the Fitzroy family!

When the club knew we had the chance to wear a Pride guernsey, our Senior Women's Leadership group led the process and soon we had designer extraordinaire, Nikkita Alexander, sister of Shannon, on the job! Nikkita worked on several design options, and the team voted on their chosen design to celebrate our LGBTIQ+ community.

"I was very excited and proud to hear that my design was chosen and for the very first Pride game, it is very special and something Ill be proud of for a long time." Nikkita said. "I was also happy to design a supporters T-Shirt as well (which will be available for purchase at the Pride game!) Ive been to a couple of Fitzroy games and I see how much the community gets around the girls and supports them with all kinds of merch, my favourite is the dog sweater!"

We love that we'll be able to offer some more merchandise to our Roys family who want to show their Pride and support for diversity and inclusion. We know it's about more than merch, as does Nikkita.

"Visibility within sport and celebrating the queer community helps make sports a friendly and safe environment for everyone. Showing that the Fitzroy Football Club are welcoming and accept everyone for who they are, allows people to be themselves and not hide, thats the most important thing."

For Nikkita, as a designer, she had her work cut out for her to keep the Fitzroy spirit alive in our guernsey, but also give it a new and powerful message.

"I really wanted to keep the traditional Fitzroy guernsey, so I did some research on other guernseys the club has had in the past and this pointed me in the right direction creatively. I also wanted to incorporate a design that represents the LGBTIQ+ community. Having the Trans flag on the back is also very important because theyre such a marginalised community within the LGBTIQ+ community and I wanted Trans people to feel that club is inclusive of them too."

When our women's teams run out in the guernseys for the first time on May 2nd, Nikkita hopes the girls feel as special wearing our Pride guernsey as she will watching them play in it.

"Id like the girls to feel that theyre representing both the Fitzroy Football Club and the LBGTIQ+ community. That this jumper symbolises the rich culture of Fitzroy and how this football club will progress."


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