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Steve Hurl helps with a fit start to 2017


Heading into his eight season as fitness coach for the Fitzroy Football Club, we thought wed get some new year advice from Steve Hurl about how to set and keep your 2017 fitness and health goals.

Here are Steves tips:

1. Whatever it is that you want to achieve this year, make sure that you understand your whyhellip;. whether its because you simply want to lose weight, feel and look better in your clothes, have more energy, complete a marathon…. Or whatever it is, be 100% clear about your motivation and goal as this will help you stay on track to implement positive steps and ultimately reach your outcome.

2. Break down your goal into measurable steps! A large goal with no plan is more than likely going to get lost very quickly. Instead of just I want to lose weightit needs to be measured daily, weekly and monthly. For example, I will walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week in the mornings for 2 weeks and increase it to 45 minutes for the next 2 weeks, or I will count my kilojoules and plan my meals to stay within my correct consumption range every Sunday, so I am organised for the week ahead.

3. Write down your PLAN and have it where you see it every day to remind you of your commitment to yourself….if you stick to your plans eventually your changes will become a more natural habit that is harder to break!!

4. Dont t ed for minor lapsesevery now and again, realise that you are human and just be sure to get back on track as soon as possible…..treat each day as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Steve Hurl is the owner of Hurls Fitness and a personal trainer.


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