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Taking care of business at BSO


As I kicked leaves strolling across the Edinburgh Gardens, I was a bit concerned. Not so much about the ‘big event’ later that night, but more how the Roys would go replacing a quarter of their side after the previous week’s meritorious victory over St Bede’s. Sure, we were playing the cellar-dwellers in Carey, and most of the replacements were competent. Grace, Wilson, Ramshaw, Lambert, Mitchell and debutant Fendyk came in for half a dozen injured or unavailables: Harvey, Hogg, Megennis, Minahan, Pyers, and a late ‘out’ in Green.

The Two’s stuck to their guns and ground out a win against the well-performed Carey outfit. The scene was set, clear skies, autumnal chill, and a point to be proved. In reality, there are no easy games. If you think otherwise, you’ll flounder.

It was pretty sloppy early. Not the ground, the skillset. A bit of a holding pattern. Will Symons goaled after a slick transfer. Brad Fendyk showed himself to be a tall, rangy left-footer. The Ramshaw family can expect a Yarra Council bill this week; Heath left scorch marks on the playing surface everywhere he went. Tom Wilson was in the thick of it, causing a turnover in their defence, and got it to Matt Kyroussis for a goal. A beautiful centre bounce tap found Donovan Toohey on the move, he flicked the switch, and bombed a long one from just inside the centre square. We then seemed to take the foot off the pedal a touch, they kicked a couple, gave them a sniff. Big Bill Clayton snapped one, Toohey kicked another from 50, and Harrison Grace marked and goaled after the siren. It was 45–22 at the first change. Order restored.

The coach stressed at the huddle that we shouldn’t overuse the ball, be ruthless. I like that, I did a major in ‘foot on the throat’ in my tertiary days.

Rhys Seakins went down early in the second with a head knock and spent the rest of the day on the pine. Goals continued to flow however despite the loss of the ‘magnet man’, Tom Wilson and Bill Clayton among the major kickers. Fendyk goaled off the ground, maybe there’s some Dutch soccer skill in there somewhere. 73–31 at half time. The midfield group of McKay, Wotherspoon, Toohey, Grace and Ted Clayton was ‘on the money’. Ted was maybe 5 per cent off premium – his head was partially focused on events later that evening.

Captain Jack Hart, a force at centre half forward, kicked a couple at the start of the third, benefitting from Darcy Lowrie storming the ball from defence. Speaking of defence, Chris Doherty was inspirational, a true granite defender. Professor Borland got on the end of one from Ramshaw, and it was 101–52 at the final change. There was declining resistance from the boys from Bulleen.

The goals came regularly during the final stanza: Ramshaw, Wotherspoon and Lambert, then Ted Clayton before he snuck off to ‘Don’s Party’. Symons was racking them up, a chill descended, much of the heat had left the game. Max Ellis went forward, marked and goaled, mass hysteria ensued. The iconic defender was mobbed by his mates on the occasion of his 200th. He then won a free and kicked another. What a champ, proof positive that you don’t have to be a showman to be popular, respected, loved by all, players, staff and supporters alike. He refused the ‘chair off’, just went about his business, kind of hoping all the attention would somehow go away. Well done E Dog.

An 80-point win in the end, very handy. 2 or 3 injuries, but soldiers ready to step up for an away game against Haileybury next Saturday.

Is this the game where we put our stamp on the season? Be there.

Guy Gorilla

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