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Tall tales and true (you'd better believe it)


Opposition sides are invariably taken aback by the height of our number one ruckman. But its the number on his back that really does them in.

Its a simple story, but one we reckon is worth telling.

Measuring an impressive 7 foot in old terms (114cm in the new), Matthew Gaite presented something of a problem to team manager extraordinaire Sharon Torney. Sizing him up, Shaz decided to allot him a number 20 guernsey. It fitted length-wise, but was far, far too big in girth.

And that was only the first obstacle there was already a Thirds player sporting the number 20. Undaunted, Shaz taped a number one in front of the 20 and sent Gaitor on his way.

As we all know, Gaitor isnt one to complain and he copped it on the chin (literally last week unfortunately) and, because the tape left an indelible shadow, he sported the number 120 all season, with Shaz eventually stitching on a number one.

This season Shaz took pity and ordered a bespoke version from the jumper manufacturer requesting they add an extra 23 cm to an extra small.

Now all we need is to get Gaitor back on to the park. He reports that although his jaw is broken in three places, its the damage to the nerve thats the source of the most discomfort and causing numbness in his face, making it hard to eat. And lets face it, he hasnt got much weight to lose.

The doctors predict that in a couple of weeks Gaitor can indulge in some non-contact training with a return to a full game a further four to six weeks away.

Best of luck Gaitor. Itll be a fine sight to see the number 120 running around again.

Photo: Gaitor stands head and shoulders above the opposition in more ways than one. Photograph Phyllis Quealy



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