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Telf can't get enough of Fitzroy


The newly appointed Fitzroy-ACU Reserves captain, Rachael Telfer, says after only one season at Fitzroy she just cant get enough of the club.

The ACU-trained exercise physiologist, who works in the Physio department at the Epworth Hospital, says she was encouraged to come down to check out the action by uni mates and has never looked back.

There is such a lovely community feeling and everyone is so encouraging and supportive.

Im pretty surprised to be captain in just my second year of football, but Im honoured and excited and really proud to be the captain of the twos.

Im not necessarily a big motivator but I like to think I lead by example. I think Ive been to all the pre-season training and I just get in there and have a go./p>

Rachael is quick to praise the other leaders around her and says the leadership of former captain Mish Booth and Frankie Freeman (the Women's Reserves vice-captains) alongside new coach Simon Jackson, will give her plenty of support.

I really look up to Mish and Frankie, I mean they are the twos really! Mish is very motivating and they both just handle whatever is thrown at the them. I think they both have great leadership skills./p>

Rachael says her new coach has created a great atmosphere of encouragement where people are not afraid to have a go or worried about failure. That is a really good message for all the new girls and we do have a lot of new players this year. The best thing is that even though he has a lot of experience he doesnt care if we make mistakes, he just wants us to have a go and then try harder. But most of all, dont be scared,Rachael said.

Rachael is very excited by the new structure of Seniors and Reserves that the VAFA has announced for the Womens Premier competition. I love it. Its so good that we can support each other even more. Last year when the two teams got to play at the same ground it created an awesome atmosphere. It also means we can learn from the seniors and see the game plan and that will make the transition easier for anyone picked to go up./p>

Rachael said shes looking forward to playing more games like their pre-season hit out against the Brunswick Renegades on Saturday, which Fitzroy-ACU won. We only won one game last year, so Im looking forward to building on the weekends form together because we played so well.

Most of all I want to sing the song more.


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