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Thank you Shona


The VAFA recently announced that General Manager of Business & Projects, Shona MacInnes, has resigned. The statement from the VAFA can be read here.

Shona has done so much for our competition, and Fitzroy will be forever grateful for all she did to drive women's footy in the VAFA.

Close to 200 women have come through our women's teams since 2017 who would not have had the opportunity if it weren't for Shona, let alone the hundreds more who signed up to clubs across the association.

Shona also has a long history with our club from University Reds days. Shona's involvement with the Reds began in the early 80s when a group originally from the residential St Hilda's College started playing for the Reds, bringing along their partners and friends to support the University's third ‘social’ team, and begun the journey to climb up the VAFA grades.

The Reds were playing home games at Princes Park in those days (the oval directly south of Princes Park) and occasionally at the main University Oval. The canteen at the former venue was a 'pop up' on the boundary attended by Shona and our much-loved supporter Val Allpress. These women were extraordinary in their off-field support and at separate times were on the Board of the Melbourne University Football Club.

In the early Reds days the vote counts were not held at formal venues but at someone's house – Shona bravely volunteered her rented property for one particular count which was extremely generous given the unrestrained activities that occurred on such days.

Shona then moved on to support the University Blues where her brother Don was playing, but has always remained a friend of the Reds and now Fitzroy Football Club.

Shona’s passion and unique expertise will be sorely missed by everyone across the VAFA competition.

We wish Shona all the best with what's next.

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