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A vital game for the Seniors against Haileybury. They are all vital now, there is a tense rivalry between the two sides, and I sensed an 'edge' about the game pre match.

Spectators were allowed back, on our home patch, were we a chance against one of the top four? Lachy Harris was in for his first game, Wrecking Ball Sean Laidlaw returned, as well as Chris Doherty and Pop Doc Tom O'Donnell. Donovan Toohey, George Pyers and Ed Devereaux were out injured, and Ben Levens rested to the 19's. The sure-footed leftie will play plenty of senior footy however. Marcel Laidlaw and Toby Hudson Bevege stood out as possible inclusions into the ones after the Reserves' 141-27 victory over Haileybury.

They were on the board within the first 30 seconds. Our pressure gauge was up, as it needs to be, but they were like vultures pouncing on our odd mistake. Jacob Long was defending heroically, but we were wasteful with our possessions. There was an edge, a gap, in skill execution, that they frequently exploited. They undid the value of our grunt work, while Captain Jack Hart kicked our first, and Nino Lazzaro another on the buzzer. It was 32–14 their way however. At the huddle coach Mahoney paid attention to our sloppy ball use, and felt that we would benefit by not overusing the ball.

In the second the trend continued, we peppered and pestered, they rolled and remained in charge. They were excellent at picking holes, we were forever trying to mend them. Matt Kyroussis was busting his six pack, and Darcey Lowrie defended in mature fashion. Tommy O'Donnell provided the ferocity, if not always the legs, to get it to Rory Patterson for a goal, but they continued to pick holes, 64–29 at the long break.

There are reports of a minor earthquake emanating from under the grandstand at half time. I'm told that this happens once or twice a year, normally when we play Haileybury. Best I don't say much about the third, it certainly lacked lustre, the opposition ace midfielder cut us to bits, and 109–34 was ugly. It was no longer an edge, rather a chasm in class.

The last break stressed persistence, and we did, persist, and what stands out in circumstances like this is the blokes who keep giving. JayLo, the two Darcys, Harrison Grace, Max Davey, Matty K, Jack Hart, Nino, the Clayton boys for example. Not to say most didn't give, but guts have to be busted. Have to be. This edge will often win games. As long as everyone provides it. 123–79 at the end.

The mood in the bowling club after wasn't all doom and gloom. We have elements to build on. When he gets his boots in order, I have a feeling, Lachy Harris will kick a few. Next week against Ajax we have to learn from the lessons of our first encounter. They will be small, but fit and well drilled, and can't be allowed to rely on their 'run and carry' game style. We need first possession, ruthless mentality, and game smarts.

Say g'day to Guy at Middle Park next Saturday. He'll by hanging from a tree somewhere near the lake pre game.

Guy Gorilla.

Photo: Phyllis Quealy

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