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Thirds season review


By Thirds coach Trent Coleman

After the cancellation of the 2020 season, the call to 'Bring On 2021' was obviously heard loud and clear across the 3065 postcode and beyond as the numbers at the Roys Thirds preseason training was nothing short of amazing.

There were regularly 35 plus on the track each night, represented by a strong return of 2019 players, the 2020 committed trainers and a plethora of new 2021 players. The commitment, skill level and camaraderie was up early. It was truly a sight to see. Selection alarm bells were ringing early.

Tim Denatris deservedly retained the captaincy and was backed by an all-new leadership group of Kai Menzies, Matthew Gloster and Josh Sawyer. Such a formidable mob of talent.

The start of 2021 saw a fully loaded Roys Thirds intraclub, the desire in which everyone chased the footy was perfect. Yep, it was great to be back on the park again. For the record, the Roys won.

Our second preseason game was a solid hit out against Marcellin where Bryce McAdam had a free kick awarded against him for going too hard in a practice game. I'd like to see the rule book on that one.

The 2021 season proper got underway on a Sunday at good 'ole Brunswick Street Oval where we had a great win against Ajax and the crowd support was all you could have wished for. However, it would be another 5 weeks before we would play another home game.

We suffered tough away losses in rounds two and three against Trinity and De La Salle before bouncing back in round four under the Friday night lights at Beaumaris. We pushed the league leaders Xavier in round five, falling just four points short of the win. Then in what was perhaps out most cutting loss for the year, a one-point loss in round six against Brighton at their swimming pool of a ground. Hard footy was played that day, and it was a hard result to take.

Finally(!) we returned to a home game at Rammo. Round seven saw us get our season back on track with a win against Monash. It was great to see so many new players get their first win on our hallowed turf.

Then COVID caused the first of two mid-season breaks.

In a weird fixture twist, the season resumed in round 10 with us playing Monash again where we got the win. The coach is still paying off his 'late fee' fine. Back at Rammo in round 11 we had a win against Beaumaris, before traveling to Ajax the following week where again we took home the four points.

Round 14 saw us take on Xavier at Rammo. We couldn't bring home the win, but that's ok, we made finals again finishing third on the ladder. Unfortunately, even with every finger crossed by those who love the Red, Gold and Blue, nothing could stop the season being cancelled. It's fair to say unfinished business awaits us all next year.

As a playing group, this coach could not ask from more. What my squad achieved this year through pure grit, determination and mateship was second to none. If we bring that as our platform to build on next year I see some very bright times ahead.

Congratulations the joint Best and Fairest winners Kai Menzies and Matthew Gloster as well as runner up Oliver Hornung. Congratulations also goes to Rustin Bulmer for his coach's award and supreme umpiring skills.

Well done to all the milestone gamers of Ross Bartell, Kai Menzies, Liam Sugre, Rustin Bulmer, Alasdair Mulligan and to Tim Denatris for coming third in the league goal kicking.

A huge thank you to the Club and the Board for the opportunity be a part of the Roys. Thank you also goes to the other Coaches and everyone who assisted me off field week in week out.

Bring on 2022!

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