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When Trent Coleman made the decision to come down to Fitzroy, little did he think his involvement would extend to over a decade’s commitment.

Trent exemplifies Fitzroy, and you could say that commitment is his second name.

When he first rolled up in 2009 it was to join what was then known as the Clubbies, going on to play for the Thirds and Seconds and eventually notching up 69 games, including as captain.

And when his playing days were over (courtesy of a dodgy knee) Trent put up his hand to take on the role he’s now known for and has made his own: Thirds coach extraordinaire. This isn’t overstating the case – this man has made finals every year he coached, something he and the club is unashamedly proud of.

It's not all fun and games for the Fitzroy Thirds, Trent Coleman's winning record is exemplary

Trent has not just given his time, energy and imagination to give guys the opportunity to play footy but in the process has blooded some pretty serious talent.

Standout examples are long term team mates Matthew Gaite and Lachlan Henderson. Gaiter and Hendo both came up through Trent’s Thirds to play in winning premierships for the Roys in 2018. And returned to his side when they decided their more senior playing days were behind them.

Over the years he’s coached Thirds footy at Fitzroy, Trent has put his own distinctive mark to the role, and the team. The annual Thirds player-driven Fan Day that emerged under his leadership is now legendary, as are the player badges given out on the day, and reflect the joy their footy gives the players who play for the club and it must be said, for Trent.

In addressing the players in the rooms after their finals appearance last Sunday, Trent revealed that he came to Fitzroy knowing no one and has walked away with lifelong friends and countless amazing memories.

“Coming down to the Roys was the best decision I have made,” Trent said.

Fitzroy people club-wide concur. And we thank our lucky stars he made it!

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