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Under 19s 2021 Season Review


By Under 19s coach Silvano Inserra

I’ve been trying to put a bow around the 2021 season, pack it away, hand back the footies, wash the training vests, stack the cones. But I just can’t do it!

In life when things come to an end, there is usually time to prepare, to think, to act in order to bring some closure to a chapter, in our case, the 2021 football season. Then come the rituals…. Some form of celebration or commiseration, bringing people together to reminisce, to connect for the last time before we get back on with life.

As a coach, it’s my role to pack things up for our group, to say thanks to those who have contributed to the season that was, to sit with the team and reflect on the 2021 season. This year is different.

The abrupt stop to the season found us living in hope for one more opportunity to train, then play. To give our last effort knowing that it would be our final game. Allowing us an opportunity to give our all, one more time. To appreciate and savour the moment.

Obviously, this has not been the case.

What this 2021 season has highlighted is the preciousness of the moment. My boys know I’ve been banging on about this all season. To appreciate and live the moment, for just as soon as it is upon us, it is gone. To live for today as we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

The beauty of the sport we play, at the Club we love, is that we always have a next week, giving us the opportunity to make amends, to improve, to strive to be a better version of ourselves and face a new opponent shoulder to shoulder with our teammates. It’s probably the only time in our lives when we can do this. In a game of footy, we experience all the emotions of life in 100 minutes. However, unlike life, during this time we have 21 teammates right in there with us, there to pick us up, to wave the flag, to give for you and in turn you give back.

Then in a moment this stops, we are again thrown into isolation, separation and we desperately hope for that one more moment to connect, to be a group. We try to replicate it with online chats, but it’s simply not the same. All we want is that chance to play one last time. And then to be able to say our thanks to all who have made this season happen, to fellow players, to the Board and the many volunteers who give so much of themselves to allow us to do what we love.

So here I am, trying to put in the box the pieces of 2021. To pick these pieces up and neatly stack them in the box, to seal the lid on it and pack it away.

I would like to thank Joan and the Board for their unwavering support of all the teams and recognise the amount of extra work that has been done to ensure we could train and play safely.

Big thanks go to Kathy Curcio, our Team Manager (and Giorgio). Kathy has done an outstanding job in organising our rabble each Saturday. Kane’s support as assistant coach and commitment has been above and beyond and I am extremely grateful.

To the playing group, our Fitzroy Under 19s for 2021, it’s been a season like no other. It has been an honour to coach each of you. You have demonstrated the desire to give all you have both on the training track and on game day. Your enthusiasm and energy has made a difficult year that much more enjoyable. So, thank you.

What this group of young men have demonstrated is character. After a slow start to the season (from a win/loss perspective), a long injury list and the disruption to the continuity of the season, their commitment to work hard, develop their skills, grow their football connections, increase fitness and execute the game plan resulted in enjoying some success and confidence building. Our best is/was good enough to compete with the very best in our competition.

The Fitzroy Football Club’s future is in the hands of these young men. They are a group of fine young men of good character and can play some exciting football. I look forward to seeing what they achieve next season, on the field and off.

Hopefully we can connect as a Club, in-person again, before too long to celebrate the season that was and show our appreciation to those who have made this season happen.

So, Sharon, I am ready to hand back the footies now.

Go Roys!

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