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Vale Bob Merrick


The Club is saddened by the passing of Bob Merrick last weekend.

Danny Wilson has penned this beautiful tribute:

Bob Merrick, a long time Fitzroy personality and stalwart passed away on the weekend after battling a long illness.

Bob was in his early 80's and grew up in the then tough hard scrabble streets of Fitzroy alongside his great mate Fitzroy legend Kevin Murray. You had to be able to handle yourself in those days and Bobby, Kevin and their great pal on the other side of Smith Street the legendary Collingwood identity Meggsy Sherlock formed a formidable trio.


Bobby was a great supporter of the Fitzroy in their VFL, AFL and VAFA incarnations and could be regularly seen at Fitzroy VAFA luncheons at Brunswick Street sharing a bottle or two of his favourite red and a few beers with his scallywag mates and wife Marg on what President Joan has dubbed "The Naughty Table". As well as being a longstanding member of the Fitzroy coterie group the Lion Hunters, he was a member of a famous Fitzroy Football Club family. His eponymous uncle Bob Merrick holds a VFL/AFL record which will never be broken, booting 12 goals at the Brunswick Street Oval against Melbourne in 1919.
Bobby will be sadly missed and condolences are offered to his wife Marg and family.


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