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Welcome home to Fitzroy Jason Valastro!


Jason Valastro has footy blood running in his veins. And luckily for us, the colour of that blood has always flowed a vibrant red, yellow and blue.

By Gabrielle Murphy

When we put out a call for a coach to take on the task of developing the Women’s Ressies to help them develop the skills and game tactics to play – and play successfully – in the Premier division in season 2023, little did we think a dedicated Roys supporter, moreover one who can boast a long history of playing community footy, would appear on our horizon.

That’s literally what Jason Valastro did. When spotted on the far side of the pristine La Trobe ground as Fitzroy squads played their intraclub games early in the preseason, the word went out amongst gathered coaches and supporters that we’d found our new Ressie’s Women’s coach. And what a get we got!

Jason’s footy heritage is life long and somewhat complicated. “My grandfather played for Port Melbourne and was a South Melbourne Bloods/Sydney Swans supporter, but my Dad (who played Rugby not footy) was a huge Roys supporter. His favourite player was Bernie Quinlan and Dad taught me how to kick a torpedo so I could be like ‘Super Boot’.

“First place we lived in was in North Fitzroy” says Jason, “and in the 80s everyone I went to school with was either a Collingwood or Carlton supporter.

“So naturally (because I was always needing to be rebellious) I threw on my Fitzroy jumper every ‘pie and tinny’ day and didn’t care that we could barely win a game.

“It didn’t matter to me. I loved Fitzroy all the same.”

So how on earth were we lucky enough to snare a true-blue Roys fan to take on what everyone would agree is one of the toughest gigs in community footy?

“Late last year I think I saw an expression of interest online,” says Jason. “Coaching was something I’d been considering after playing my last game in 2019.

“Footy had been something that was a normal part of life for 25 years. And now that I wasn’t playing, I didn’t know how to spend that extra time. Did some travelling etc, but wanted to get back to footy in some capacity.

“So when I saw that Fitzroy were looking for help…I don’t know. The stars aligned I guess!”

Asked by RR how he’s found it so far, Jason’s pretty upbeat, saying it’s been amazing, with the biggest challenge aligning with the club’s greatest strengths.

“With new faces coming down to training every week, the biggest challenge is trying to remember all the names,” Jason says. “I think we’re incredibly lucky to be able to field two full women’s teams. A lot of clubs don’t have that. It’s testament to the foundations of our club.

“I’m very proud of all the girls at Fitzroy in their ability to take on the club’s game day strategy and the support they all give to each other.

“I really hope I can give them the guidance they deserve.”

Photo: Jason (second from right) joins fellow Women’s coach Nathan Jumeau and Senior players Steph Pitt and Sarah Yule in the rooms before Thursday night’s dinner

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