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El Suavo Silv’s Thirds boys had enjoyed a 10-goal victory by the time I arrived at Brunswick Street Oval for Fitzroy’s round 2 clash with Williamstown. The Twos romped to a 104–40 victory despite some wayward kicking for goal. It was a very good standard for Reserves footy, and Williamstown came to play. Bombardieri, Minahan and Nelson were again excellent contributors, and Laird Ramshaw again showed himself to be above 2’s standard. Big Bill Clayton controlled the skies, Professor Borland managed the intrigue. Vlassopoulos is a dour but attacking brute of a small defender.

Ellis returned from abroad, replacing Lambert, out with a back complaint, in the main game. It was interesting to see how the defence would be constructed, given the extra tall defender coming in. By comparison, Willy appeared young and small in their warm up.

Clear blue skies, not a breath of wind, and the ANZAC Day bugler set the scene for combat. It is a hair-on-back experience. As Coach Mahoney posited after the game, imagine being a participant in front of 90,000.

It was pretty clear what type of game Willy would attempt: run, carry, go sideways before attack. They kicked the first after a free. Curcio worked hard to snap our first, we want him to be the pest that he is. He was then on the end of another, benefiting from multiple entries from our midfield. Wotherspoon read another off the pack. Ted Clayton was now starting to add to Toohey’s numbers in the middle of the ground.

We dominated for the next 10 minutes without converting, and then of course Williamstown goaled after another free. 24–15 at the first break was not a true reflection of our control. Ligris and Lowrie were dominant in defence.

The coach called for composure at the huddle.

It appeared that the opposition coaching staff were applying tags, especially in Ted Clayton’s direction. However, he showed who the boss was, won a head high and a 50, and goaled. They were quick to go, we were sometimes slow to react, a bit sloppy.

Roberts for the Roys was supreme in the ruck. He then got on the end of a slick transfer from defence to kick his first senior goal for the club. Toohey then marked, and from outside 50 snuck a few yards and bombed a long one to his favoured Brunswick Street end. A kiss to the tape on his hand, one he wears every week, was to remember his great grandfather James, a former premiership player with the Roys, a WW1 vet, and James’ brother John, killed in the same bloody war. He then found Faubel for another goal, it was 50–25 at the half.

McKay kicked the opener, I noticed proud smiles on the faces of Mum and Dad, a few rows up from me in the stand. Turner then goaled after excellent centre bounce clearance work, and I have in my notes written in large capitals, GRACE GOALED. He was a real threat to the Willy defence, without previously capping all his good work off.

The dam wall had opened big time. Willy reacted by losing their cool, one being red carded and others conceding a couple of 50s. Hogg then found Ted Clayton who kicked long with a bit of right to left to split the big sticks. The E Dog then started a chain in defence that ended with Faubel in the goal square for another. Swarming from the middle and generosity in attack, Grace snapped another.

It was 91–30 at the final huddle, and apart from stressing ball movement, run from half back etc, the coach demanded that players kept their heads.

Williamstown achieved some silly consolation, goaling from a couple of frees, but Fitzroy remained in complete control. For large parts of the last, the heat had left the game. Grace kicked his sixth, our midfield racked up big numbers, and the defence was stoic. Ligris particularly thrilled his Fitzroy juniors in the stand behind me.

It was 125–44 at the end. A satisfying win against an opponent that always seems to set themselves for us.

Next Saturday at Como Park we revisit another C Grade rival from 2018, Old Geelong. Their form has been on the up, recruiting well apparently. It should be a good test, one we want and need.

Bring a camping chair if you’re a spectator and a bit lame.

Guy Gorilla

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