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Windy away



It’s always with a sinking feeling that this Gorilla wakes up on a footy morning to hear the wind rattling the rafters and shaking the tree tops. It’s bad enough when we’re playing at home surrounded by friends and supporters and under the caring embrace of the Kevin Murray Stand.

But worse, much worse, when the requirement is to head to a cheerless ground at the ends of the earth. Well that’s what it seemed like and, unfortunately, what eventuated when our Women faced Collegians on their home ground at Harry Trott Oval.

As Ressie’s coach Jason summed it up, “A difficult day all in all.” With the wind making for a clearly favourable end, his charges weren’t able to take full advantage. Especially with no interchange, Clare de Stefano injuring her ankle in the first minute, and Hannah Knocker going down with a concussion.

Despite that the day was about celebrating the 1 percenters which Jason reckons the Twos did in spades, especially with only 16 on the field and many having to fill positions they were not familiar with.

Best ons were Steph Amy who dominated the back line, Bronte Holte who put her body on the line all day, and an outstanding performance from Keely Haig who not only controlled the play, but kept the girls’ spirits up.

Special coach’s mentions to Emma Bourke, Aspen Wagner, captain Yvette Godby (captain), Jess Anticaglia, Ruby Thompson and Gemma Minuz.

The Ones faced the same gruelling conditions, and with their characteristic courage and buoyancy. “They played a really good game,” said coach Nathan, “but, again, didn't put it on the scoreboard.

“Our midfield played really well with Alessia Francese putting in an impressive performance against her old side, Robyn Randell starring all over the ground and kicking our two goals after a week up in the VFLW, and Amelia Ley and Lex Madden strong and sure all game. Special mentions too to Lauren Jacky Fowler who is always effective in shutting down her opponent, and Sunday Brisbane whose silky skills were again on show across the wing.

As one of JGG’s spies put it simply but fearlessly: “Collegians might have won, but their hearts and minds didn’t seem to be in it…our Roys had a big crowd and smiled against the odds all game.”

Next week we head back to BSO with a fab event in the rooms after the Seniors game.

What a relief. Bring it on!

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