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You win some…


Hosting a healthy crowd at the Brunswick Street Oval for the second Saturday arvo running, the Roy Girls were clearly up for the challenge.

And probably the greatest challenge being an over-full list of talented and worthy players making selection difficult. Save a thought for the coaches!

One of them, stalwart centurion full forward Liz Olney – now second in charge to Ressie’s coach Gemma Minuz – generously opted to eschew the boots to join her at the bench.

Pet member, Winnie, watched every move owner Lizzie O made in her inaugural gig as assistant coach of the Ressie Roygirls

A pretty good option as it turned out. In joining forces, these two foundation Roys oversaw a stunning victory over one of last year’s strongest outfits, in the process notching up their first win for season 2024.

For the Ressies who did hit the field, including first-gamer Kirsten Peake who also slotted her first goal for the Roys, the experience was pure, unadulterated fun.

For the Seniors, the story is not so rosy.

In a theme played out far too often last season, the Senior Roygirls performed really well for the majority of the game, with the effort not translating to the scoreboard nearly often enough, especially in the first half.

“It was a case of what could have been,” said coach Nathan Jumeau. “Good teams can lift after a poor start, and we’re undeniably a really good team.

“What we saw was completely different from the second quarter on.

“To keep a team to a solitary point across three quarters showed courage, heart and skill, and was achieved with a great combined defensive effort led by Maddi Carter, Sarah Lynas and Claudia Hetherington.

“Gina Bennett showed her true leadership skills, running through the midfield to deliver to the likes of Eliza James, Hilary Collette and Nessa Cooney Hunt down forward who, together, worked seamlessly.

“What I’m really looking forward to now is seeing how this group responds to a tough loss, especially after what we showed in the second half of that incredibly disappointing result."

JG Gorilla

Cover image: Bloodied and bandaged, but not broken, nothing was going to stop Gif Hassan in her foray for the Roys!

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